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Pat Buchanan on Free Trade & Immigration

Stop the invasion from the south; limit immigration

Buchanan said his exclusion from the three televised debates between Bush and Gore kept viewers from a real discussion of issues like immigration. “One of the great social crises of this country is unrestricted immigration and an invasion from the south,” he said. “I will cut back legal immigration to 250,000 a year and I will defend America’s border, if necessary with American troops.”
Source: Zachary Coile, San Francisco Examiner Oct 27, 2000

Make English our official language

Buchanan’s TV ad, titled “Meatball,” depicts a man who begins to choke when he hears of a government move to strip English of its status as the “national language.” The ad cites an executive order President Clinton signed in August making it easier for non-English-speaking citizens to gain access to federal programs and services. The man calls 911 and, eyes bulging from the meatball stuck in his throat, hears an automated menu of languages to choose from. “Please listen for your language,” a recording says. “For Spanish, press one. For Korean, press two. For Bengali, press three.” He dies before getting to English, though it’s unclear what the choking man would have done had he reached an English-speaking dispatcher. “That’s a good question,” Buchanan said. “Do you ever miss English?” an announcer asks in the ad. “Immigration is out of control. Bush and Gore are writing off English for good.” Buchanan believes English should be the official U.S. language.
Source: Scott Lindlaw, Associated Press Oct 9, 2000

Use troops on borders to limit immigration

Q: Describe your immigration policy.

A: Frankly, we ought to get control of our immigration, as most Americans want. And, frankly, put our troops, if necessary, on the border to stop the one million illegals coming into this country. 250,000 to 300,000 a year could come in. We’d still be the most generous country in the world, but it would give us time to assimilate and Americanize the 30 million who have come here in recent decades.

Source: Nader-Buchanan debate on ‘Meet the Press’ Oct 1, 2000

Gobal Economy betrays working Americans

The elitist architects of GATT and NAFTA have locked arms with their corporate cohorts to support a trade policy that is neither fair nor free. This year we will incur a $300 billion trade deficit. The bulls run wild on Wall Street, corporate profits and CEOs ring up record salaries. But in Middle America, our industrial base is eroding, factories are closing, and manufacturing jobs are moving overseas. America’s working men and women are being sacrificed to the Global Economy.
Source: Buchanan/Foster web site Aug 6, 2000

Teach new immigrants to be American & limit their numbers

If America is to survive as “one nation,” we must take an immigration “time out” to mend the melting pot. As President, I will: Halt illegal immigration by securing our borders. Stand with the three-in-four Americans who agree that mass legal immigration must be reduced by restoring the 20th century average of 250,000 to 300,000 immigrants per year. Support a national campaign of assimilation to teach newly adopted Americans our culture, history, traditions, and English language.
Source: Buchanan/Foster site Aug 6, 2000

Vast majority wants border controls like Buchanan fence

I think the vast majority of the American people want immigration reform. They want our borders under control. They would like the atrocities that are occurring stopped cold. I think the whole Congress would support that. In Douglas, Arizona, they’ve got thousands of people walking in every night, cattle are being poisoned, people’s homes are maximum security prisons. This is where all the illegal immigration has poured in now that the Buchanan fence has been built in San Diego.
Source: National Public Radio interview, “Talk of the Nation” May 30, 2000

A million immigrants a year: “we’re gonna lose our country”

Q: I would like to ask Mr. Buchanan about his stance on immigration, which has usually been against Third World people. He has openly objected to Africans coming here. Why are you not allowing or giving everybody the same favors to enter this country as long as they are qualified to be here?

A: All I’m saying is that our levels of immigration now in the last 30 years have been enormous. It’s almost over a million legal immigrants a year, and half a million illegals who come here and stay. And you’re rapidly changing the nature of the entire country; we speak 300 languages. Unless we do something and make sure the things that unite us are elevated--like language and history and all the rest of it--we’re gonna lose our country, my friend. But anybody from any country and any continent can be a good American. We know that from our history.

Source: National Public Radio interview, “Talk of the Nation” May 30, 2000

Make IMF & World Bank ‘eat’ lost billions

If anyone should be forced to ‘eat’ these incredible losses of foreign aid loans, it is not US taxpayers, but international bankers at the IMF, World Bank, and other globalist institutions who deceived us when they said the loans were good. If heads roll at the IMF and World Bank, and both institutions are docked for the losses for which they are responsible, this would be simple justice; and there will be a far greater likelihood that future lending will be more responsible.“
Source: Press Release Apr 24, 2000

Smash OPEC: stop putting globalism ahead of patriotism

America needs a leader who will restore America’s economic independence, and map a strategy to smash the price-fixing conspiracy called OPEC once and for all. If Americans are paying $2 a gallon for gas in June, it will be because of the lack of political courage and vision of Clinton and Gore, and their placing of globalism ahead of patriotism.
Source: Press Release Mar 14, 2000

With Seattle WTO protestors against loss of sovereignty

Q: [Speaking with Buchanan in Seattle] Do you want to be associated with the WTO protestors who rioted in Seattle?
A: No, not at all - they’re thugs and I’m against violence. But I’m protesting the idea of [loss of our] sovereignty and that an international organization is making rules for us. Once we Americans pass a law, it’s OUR law, and none of the WTO’s business.
Source: The Howie Carr Show, WRKO Boston 680 AM Dec 2, 1999

Trade shouldn’t trump environment, human rights, or security

The WTO elevates trade to the highest good. It is trade uber alles. Trade trumps the environment. Trade trumps human rights. It trumps the security of countries. It trumps the sovereignty of countries. It should never have been created. Americans have had treaties with Russia and Great Britain and Japan throughout 200 years of history. We enforce the treaties, as do our partners in these treaties.
Source: Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer Dec 1, 1999

“Good for global business” isn’t necessarily good for US

Global capitalists have become acolytes of global governance. They wish to see national sovereignty diminished and sanctions abolished. Where yesterday American businesses suffered damage to their good name for selling scrap iron to Japan before Pearl Harbor, today [war materiel is routinely exported] to potentially hostile nations. Once it was true that what was good the Fortune 500 was good for America. That is no longer true, and what is good for America must take precedence.
Source: “A Republic, Not an Empire,” p.349 Oct 9, 1999

Reduce dependence on trade; support Monroe Doctrine

For Americans, Buchanan’s book says, only America should matter. Buchanan rages against the UN, the WTO, and a previously unknown animal, “the managerial elites of the New World Order.” Allies in South-East Asia and Europe must do their own fighting, and America must cut down its dependence on trade. The single pillar of American foreign policy should be the Monroe Doctrine; the country’s priorities are to guard against “hostile bastions in this hemisphere” and to try yo keep immigrants out.
Source: The Economist, p. 31 Oct 2, 1999

Globalists are wrong; dumping destroys towns

[Buchanan] opposes free trade and casts himself as the workingman’s champion. “The globalists in Washington... believe that all Americans are riding a wave of Wall Street prosperity,” he told the Independent Steelworkers Union in July. “But I have seen factories close and towns destroyed by illegal steel dumping.”
Source: Jeff Jacoby editorial, Boston Globe Sep 20, 1999

Most pressing foreign policy crisis: illegal immigration

Increasingly, Buchanan is known as an enemy of immigration, especially immigration from below the Rio Grande. He wants a triple fence, heavily policed, to keep Mexicans out of the US. He calls illegal immigration -- not Russia’s nukes, not North Korea’s missiles, not Saddam’s dreams of mass destruction, but immigration -- “America’s most pressing foreign policy crisis.”
Source: Jeff Jacoby editorial, Boston Globe Sep 20, 1999

“Economic Nationalism”: trade only when it helps US

    Rather than making “global free trade” a golden calf which we all bow down to, and worship, all trade deals should be judged by whether:
  1. they maintain US sovereignty;
  2. they protect vital economic interests;
  3. and they ensure a rising standard of living for all our workers.
We must stop sacrificingAmerican jobs on the altars of transnational corporations whose sole loyalty is to the bottom line.
Source: Jul 2, 1999

Global Economy erodes US sovereignty

In a Global Economy financial blunders from Mexico to Asia shake US markets. As our independence falters, our sovereignty erodes. In 1994, for the first time, the US joined a global institution, the WTO, where America has no veto power & the one-nation, one-vote rule applies. Global interdependence is a betrayal of our heritage of liberty. As President, I will use the trade laws of this country and the power of my office to protect the independence of our country, and the sovereignty of the US.
Source: “Issues: America First Trade Policy” Jun 11, 1999

“America First”: Tariffs; reciprocal trade; anti-dumping

America’s workers are being sacrificed to the Global Economy, and our leaders seem deaf to their distress.
    As President, I will:
  • Impose tariffs on cheap foreign imports
  • Prioritize the American Economy before the Global Economy by withdrawing from international organizations that imperil our financial stability & economic independence
  • Open foreign markets to American products by requiring reciprocal trade policies
  • Protect vital industries by passing tough anti-dumping legislation.
Source: “Issues: America First Trade Policy” Jun 11, 1999

Secure our porous borders; teach immigrants English

[We should] halt illegal immigration by securing our porous borders and strengthening internal enforcement. I support a national campaign of assimilation to teach newly adopted Americans our culture, history, traditions, and English language. To do otherwise cripples American cohesion and keeps the newest members of the American family from full participation. Legal immigration must be reduced by restoring the 20th century average of 250,000 to 300,000 immigrants per year.
Source: “Issues: Immigration Reform” Jun 5, 1999

Match 100% tariffs from Japan & China

Today, we let Japan and China to run up a combined annual trade surplus of $120 billion, blithely allowing them open access to our markets while we pay up to 100% tariffs for entry into theirs. By equalizing tariffs so that imported goods carry the same tax as American-made products, we can end the exploitation of US workers, and fund flatter taxes for families, fairer competition for business, and renewed economic liberty for all Americans.
Source: “Issues” Jun 5, 1999

NAFTA & GATT sold out America’s workers

The NAFTA-GATT trade deals sold out America’s workers, ravaged our manufacturing base & caused disruption in our small towns & farming communities. Our “trading partners” still impose 40% tariffs on US agricultural goods. Our once mighty steel industry now begs relief from the World Trade Organization for problems that were caused by the Clinton-Gore headlong march into the New World Order. The Clinton-Gore trade policy is a betrayal of America’s workers, and virtual economic treason against the US.
Source: 5/28/99 May 28, 1999

Immigration “time out”; reduce to 250,000 per year

We need an immigration “time out.” I will enact a new federal law to restore immigration levels to 250,000 a year-America’s historical 20th Century average-strengthen the Border Patrol, lengthen the “Buchanan Fence” on the southern frontier, repatriate illegals, and repair the great American melting pot. The 27 million who have come into our nation since 1970 shall be assimilated and Americanized, introduced fully into our history, culture, the English language and American traditions.
Source: 5/28/99 May 28, 1999

Trade deficit is “tumor in intestines of US economy”

Today Buchanan called the massive merchandise trade deficit-over $26 billion for February alone-a “malignant tumor in the intestines of the US economy. Unattended, it will one day kill this country’s tenure as the world’s mightiest industrial power,” Mr. Buchanan said. “A $300 billion annual deficit will strip America of our manufacturing and production base. Manic consumption is a mark of a republic that has passed its apogee, and begun its long descent.”
Source: “Press Release: Trade Deficit” Apr 21, 1999

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