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Pat Buchanan on Families & Children

Elian should stay in US; father is speaking under duress

Elian Gonzalezís mother felt it was so important that he live in freedom that she risked his life, and she died that the boy would live in freedom. And I believe he ought to now. What about the rights of the father? If the father will come to the US with his family [and said] that he wants to take that boy back to Cuba, thatís one thing. But what the father has been saying in Cuba is under duress. I donít think we can take the word of an individual who speaks with basically with a gun at his back.
Source: Interview on ďCNN Talkback LiveĒ Jan 24, 2000

Home schooling teaches children values

Itís time we started telling the truth. [Events like the Columbine massacre are] not going to be solved by food stamps, or welfare, , or getting a new TV set. Thereís something wrong in the hearts, and so it begins at home. And the home schoolers are one of the best answers to this whole thing, where they teach children values. But we canít give up on the public schools either.
Source: Remarks at Home Schools Event, Washington, DC Sep 24, 1999

Lacerate entertainment industry that pollutes our culture

If some polluter were putting poison and filth into a river, the president would lacerate that industry. This president ought to do the same to those folks in the entertainment industry who pollute our culture from which everyone has to drink. The fundamental problem is the poisoning of the culture and, secondly, that God and the Ten Commandments and Christian instruction and all moral teaching have been removed from these public schools. And into that vacuum has gone the law of Satan.
Source: Interview on ďMeet the PressĒ Apr 25, 1999

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