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Pat Buchanan on Environment

Celebrating Earth Day is like worshiping dirt

Buchanan accused the Supreme Court of purging “God and the Ten Commandments and moral teachings out of the public schools of America.” With the court rulings, Buchanan said, “Easter has disappeared, and now we have Earth Day so we can all worship dirt.”
Source: Curtis Wilkie, Boston Globe Oct 19, 2000

Yes, a “Christian nation,” not “Judeo-Christian” principles

Buchanan said he talks about a “Christian nation” because the Supreme Court has “de-Christianized America.” He said more than a million students have enrolled in Christian schools over the past decade; “They are refugees from what they see as godless public schools.” Asked why he refused to refer to “Judeo-Christian” principles rather than a “Christian nation,” he said: “Harry Truman used the phrase. Woodrow Wilson used the phrase. Do you want to use accurate words or politically correct language?
Source: Curtis Wilkie, Boston Globe Oct 19, 2000

Drill in Alaska and play hardball with OPEC

Q: Do you support drilling in Alaska?

A: I believe they ought to drill in the ANWR. It’s only a portion of it. There’s five billion barrels of oil there. But more important, the United States, instead of busting up Microsoft, an American asset, ought to have a national policy to break up the OPEC cartel. It is a price-rigging, criminal conspiracy designed to loot the West and the United States of scores of billions of dollars every single year. Cut off all IMF foreign aid loans to any country that belongs to OPEC. Tell any country that does belong to OPEC, ‘U.S. security guarantees are going to be lifted unless you drill more oil.’ We have got to play hardball. These people in Washington-Clinton talks about the idea of free trade and interdependence. These people don’t believe in that. They believe in driving you to the wall. If they get control of a commodity that you don’t have-and the United States needs an America first policy of economic nationalism to deal with it.

Source: Nader-Buchanan debate on ‘Meet the Press’ Oct 1, 2000

Supports ethanol subsidies for energy independence

Pat Buchanan has stated his “support [for] ethanol production as integral to a policy of national energy independence” and cited an Iowa ethanol production facility he recently visited as “an example of American efficiency.”
Source: Sustainable Energy Coalition, media backgrounder #2 Nov 18, 1999

Energy independence by developing Caspian pipelines

    Steps to ensure US energy independence include:
  • an end to draw-downs of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and topping it off
  • rapid development of the oil resources of Russia, the Caspian, and Central Asia
  • multiplication of pipelines from the Caspian and the Gulf.
Source: “A Republic, Not an Empire,” p.381 Oct 9, 1999

Explore ANWR; reconsider nuclear power & oil import fee

    America needs an insurance policy [against the oil weapon, including]:
  • opening up the Alaska Natural Wildlife Refuge to exploratory drilling
  • reconsideration of the use of nuclear power to generate electricity
  • study of the potential of an oil import fee to stimulate conservation and new drilling, and to make clean coal and natural gas more competitive.
Source: “A Republic, Not an Empire,” p.381 Oct 9, 1999

Opposes raising CAFE standards

Buchanan opposes CAFE standards of 45 mpg for new cars and 35 mpg for new light trucks by 2005.
Source: Sustainable Energy Coalition backgrounder #3 Oct 4, 1999

Compensate land owners for endangered species habitat

As President I will require Congress to vote on every endangered species and compensate property owners when their land is seized and converted into protected habitat. We want to see the bald eagle and grizzly bear survive, but unelected bureaucrats must not be allowed to violate property rights in the process.
Source: “Issues: Protecting the Environment” Jun 11, 1999

Abolish BLM and return land to states

As President I will abolish the Bureau of Land Management and give the 500 million acres of BLM lands back to the states-without conditions or mandates.
Source: “Issues: Protecting the Environment” Jun 11, 1999

People conserve land, not federal or international agencies

We have a Biblically-based obligation to be good stewards of the land as “keepers of the commons.” However, the modern environmental movement has been co-opted by globalists who use international treaties to regulate our industries, and violate property rights by converting private holdings into public “habitats”. No one is more qualified to conserve land than the people who live on it. The government should not trample states rights by turning local land into public property.
Source: “Issues: Protecting the Environment” Jun 11, 1999

Opposes Kyoto Treaty because it regulates US most

As President I will oppose international environmental accords like the Kyoto Treaty that would devastate American industry and obligate our country to onerous environmental regulations that do not apply to other nations.
Source: “Issues: Protecting the Environment” Jun 11, 1999

Put people first, not insects and rats

The central organizing principle of this republic is freedom. And from the ancient forests of Oregon, to the Inland Empire of California, America’s great middle class has got to start standing up to the environmental extremists who put insects, rats and birds - ahead of families, workers and jobs.
Source: Speech at 1992 GOP Convention Aug 17, 1992

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