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Ezola Foster on Free Trade & Immigration

Compassion instead of stupidity on immigration

Foster said that the United States allows more immigrants into the country than any other country: “How much more compassionate can we be? We want to continue our compassion, but we want to quit being stupid.”
Source: “Running Mate” Aug 29, 2000

Illegal immigration causes school overcrowding

In 1996, Foster said she believed that illegal immigration was the primary cause of overcrowding in the Los Angeles school system.
Source: (X-ref education) Los Angeles Times Aug 24, 2000

Bush & Gore both favor free trade; Buchanan/Foster don’t

Buchanan and his running mate, black conservative Ezola Foster, see an opening created by the stances of Bush and Gore in favor of immigration and free trade. These shared stands leave anti-immigration, anti-free trade views largely unrepresented by either major party. In Europe, the pro-immigration and internationalist stands of the major parties have created an opening for a surge in right-wing political strength in several countries, including Austria, Norway and Switzerland.
Source: Thomas Edsall, Washington Post Aug 13, 2000

Immigration policies should protect Americans

Foster declared her opposition to racial preferences and her conviction that immigration policy “cease being stupid” and begin to “protect American people.”
Source: (X-ref Civil Rights) The Washington Post Aug 12, 2000

Restrict immigration; support CA Prop. 187

Foster, an African-American, is an advocate of restricting immigration, writing that immigrants threaten black workers’ jobs. She campaigned for California’s Proposition 187, which would have banned illegal immigrants from receiving public services, and has urged that the military be deployed along the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration.
Source: Aug 11, 2000

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