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Bill Bradley on Free Trade & Immigration

More immigration visas to fill labor needs

Q: Now that we have a shortage of workers, do you think we should open our doors to more immigrants?
A: I think raising the number of visas for talented individuals is important.
Source: Democrat debate in Los Angeles Mar 1, 2000

Provide amnesty for immigrants who came before ‘82

In 1986 we passed an immigration law. The immigration law provided for amnesty for those who were here before 1982. Unfortunately a lot of the people who were here before 1982 didn’t file for that amnesty. I believe we should have late amnesty for those who had not gotten to it in time because they’re hard-working people that in America today are the backbone of the country in many respects.
Source: Democrat debate in Los Angeles Mar 1, 2000

All refugees should be granted rights to stay in US

Q: Should the wet-foot-dry-foot law be expanded to include groups other than Cubans? A: People who come to our shores as refugees have a right to remain because they’re fleeing tyranny, not just Communist tyranny. We ought to ensure that they can stay and have the same legal rights as everybody else. The 1996 Immigration Law created some problems that we need to rectify. We’re all immigrants in this country. So I think immigration is what we are as a country. It should be celebrated.
Source: Democrat Debate in Des Moines, Iowa Jan 17, 2000

Rely on the WTO to export beef to Europe

Q: What would you do to ensure that all American farm products have access to all markets? A: I think the most important thing we can do is to use our authority under the WTO in order to petition to get access to markets. When, for example, Europe blocked our beef because of beef hormones, we went to the WTO. We formed a dispute settlement mechanism. We presented our case, and they ruled in our favor. There’s still delay in the entry of that beef into Europe, but the decision was made.
Source: Democrat Debate in Johnston Iowa Jan 8, 2000

More truck inspectors at Mexican border, within NAFTA

Bradley sided with the Teamsters unions in its request to block Mexican trucks with imported goods from crossing the US border until more inspectors are hired. While Bradley helped to write NAFTA, he hoped his support of the delay of the truck-crossing measure would translate into union support.
Source: Boston Globe, p. A6 Oct 13, 1999

NAFTA, WTO, and world trade solve economic problems

I was a strong backer of NAFTA. I think it’s created more positive results than negative. Some people have been hurt by it. Those people ought to be helped. But I think that, overall, it’s a benefit to the country. I also was a major backer of the WTO. I think that the answer to a lot of our economic problems is more trade, more fairly shared worldwide.
Source: NBC’s “Meet the Press” Aug 1, 1999

Smarter workers needed to compete in global market

To compare hourly wages & say we’ll never be able to compete against Mexicans or Chinese. ignores the necessity for Americans in all workplaces to work “smarter”-in the vanguard of technology. Millions of Americans need not lose their jobs as the pace of global change accelerates. Customized production in a domestic plant, not abroad, will be the dominant form of the new economy and will generate new jobs. Above all, workers and managers need to see that lifetime education. is a necessity.
Source: Time Present, Time Past, p. 265 Jan 8, 1997

Pro-immigrant: public assistance; school funds; less INS

    Voting record on immigration issues:
  • Voted YES to provide legal immigrants access to the public assistance, regardless of their sponsors’ income (S 1664, 5/2/96)
  • Voted IN FAVOR of reimbursing public schools for foreign students’ educational costs (S 1664, 4/25/96)
  • Voted NO to allowing INS agents to search open fields without a warrant if they have probable cause (S 1664, 4/24/96)
  • Voted IN FAVOR of spending $100 million for immigrant education(HR 4606, 8/10/94)
Source: Project Vote Smart -- Voting Record May 2, 1996

Anti-immigrant: More Border Patrol; more info-sharing.

    Voting record on immigration issues:
  • YES to hiring additional Border Patrol agents; & end most public assistance to illegal immigrants (HR 2202, 5/2/96)
  • IN FAVOR of verifying employees’ citizenship status through a toll-free number (S 1664, 5/1/96)
  • NO to requiring Spanish deportation notices (S 1664, 4/30/96)
  • IN FAVOR of collecting info on non-immigrant foreign college students (S 1664, 4/25/96)
  • NO to $5 million per year for services to illegal immigrants (S.ConRes63, 3/25/94)
Source: Project Vote Smart -- Voting Record May 2, 1996

For GATT, NAFTA, & Fast Track; No retaliatory sanctions

    Voting record on trade issues:
  • Vote NO to sanctions on Japanese products if car parts markets don’t open up. (S Res 118, 5/9/95)
  • Voted YES to approve and implement GATT (HR 5110, 12/1/94)
  • Voted YES to approve NAFTA (HR 3450, 11/20/93)
  • Voted YES to extend fast track authority for GATT (HR 1876, 6/30/93)
Source: Project Vote Smart -- Voting Record May 9, 1995

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