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Strongly Opposes topic 1:
Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right
(-5 points on Social scale)
Recommends pledging pro-life platform, VP, & judges: Opposes topic 1
Limit abortions via step-by-step laws: Opposes topic 1
Life begins at conception; abortion leads to “extinction”: Strongly Opposes topic 1
Restrictions now; persuasion to make them disappear: Opposes topic 1
Opposes topic 2:
Legally require hiring women & minorities
(+2 points on Economic scale)
No race or gender quotas nor preference: Opposes topic 2
Favors topic 3:
Comfortable with same-sex marriage
(+2 points on Social scale)
Against gay marriage but supports gay rights: Favors topic 3
Respects people without worrying about lifestyle choices: Favors topic 3
Would hire gays if they share his principles: Favors topic 3
Strongly Favors topic 4:
Keep God in the public sphere
(-5 points on Social scale)
Ten Commandments & prayer in schools: Strongly Favors topic 4
School prayer OK; civil rights are local issues: Strongly Favors topic 4
No separation of religion from civic life: Favors topic 4
Posting Ten Commandments is ‘a positive thing’: Strongly Favors topic 4
Allow students to study Bible in schools: Strongly Favors topic 4
Federal welfare is devolving to state and community: Favors topic 4
Charitable deduction gone under Flat Tax; but giving is not: Opposes topic 4
Opposes topic 5:
Expand ObamaCare
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Replace “gatekeepers” with health care vouchers: Opposes topic 5
Solve health care affordability with choice: Opposes topic 5
Allow opting out of Medicare via private doctors: Strongly Opposes topic 5
Expand Medical Savings Accounts: Favors topic 5
Medicare: More options, less bureaucracy: Strongly Opposes topic 5
Consumerism works in health care: Opposes topic 5
More funds for veterans’ hospitals: Favors topic 5
Provider rights: meet customer needs; respond to market.: Strongly Opposes topic 5
Strongly Favors topic 6:
Privatize Social Security
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Private Soc. Sec. accounts for younger taxpayers: Strongly Favors topic 6
Use surplus to fund personal retirement accounts: Favors topic 6
Choose personal account or government account: Strongly Favors topic 6
Strongly Favors topic 7:
Vouchers for school choice
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Federal involvement creates the crisis in our schools: Strongly Favors topic 7
Reforms should empower parents & teachers: Favors topic 7
Choice in education makes us more moral & more educated: Favors topic 7
More charters; vouchers at private & parochial schools: Strongly Favors topic 7
Supports public school choice & private school choice: Strongly Favors topic 7
Supports tax-supported vouchers for religious schools: Strongly Favors topic 7
Parental control will work even in inner cities: Favors topic 7
Opposes topic 8:
Fight EPA regulatory over-reach
(+2 points on Social scale)
Protect environment while safeguarding property rights: Opposes topic 8
Strongly Favors topic 9:
Stricter punishment reduces crime
(-5 points on Social scale)
Stricter penalties, more prisons, longer sentences: Strongly Favors topic 9
Supports death penalty; appoint judges to implement it: Strongly Favors topic 9
“One strike and you’re out” for violent felons: Strongly Favors topic 9
Strongly Favors topic 10:
Absolute right to gun ownership
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Concealed carry OK; gun issues are local: Strongly Favors topic 10
Prosecute crimes done with guns; not buying guns: Favors topic 10
Key is to enforce 40,000 laws we have about guns now: Favors topic 10
Supports Second Amendment rights, with limits: Favors topic 10
Strongly Opposes topic 11:
Higher taxes on the wealthy
(+5 points on Economic scale)
1995: 15% across-the-board tax cut to stimulate economy: Opposes topic 11
Optional flat tax: 17% with $13,200 deduction: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Top priority: throw out tax code: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Signed no-tax pledge; will “end IRS as we know it”: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Flat Tax of 17% on earnings over $36,000: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Bible has 700,000 words; Tax Code has 7 million. Junk it.: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Strongly Opposes topic 12:
Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens
(-5 points on Social scale)
Support English immersion programs: Opposes topic 12
Toughen rules on illegal immigration: Strongly Opposes topic 12
Favors topic 13:
Support & expand free trade
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Replace WTO with free trade to UK, Australia, & Pacific Rim: Opposes topic 13
Do free trade ourselves, without WTO: Neutral on topic 13
Hopes for WTO as worldwide arbiter & lowering barriers: Strongly Favors topic 13
Supports Fast Track presidential trade authority: Strongly Favors topic 13
Favors topic 14:
Support American Exceptionalism
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Africa: Unshackle drug companies, not US aid, to fight AIDS: Favors topic 14
European Union is a “misguided global institution.”: Favors topic 14
Role in the world: military strength and moral clarity: Opposes topic 14
Strongly Favors topic 15:
Expand the military
(-5 points on Social scale)
Percentage of GDP on defense is too little: Strongly Favors topic 15
Military has been hollowed with little to show: Strongly Favors topic 15
Stop “demobilizing” US military, or pay long-term price: Strongly Favors topic 15
Lack of military readiness hurts global economy: Favors topic 15
Increase defense spending to meet global responsibilities: Strongly Favors topic 15
No opinion on topic 16:
Make voter registration easier
(0 points on Social scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Opposes topic 17:
Avoid foreign entanglements
(-3 points on Social scale)
Russia: Replace IMF loans with 5 rules of prosperity: Neutral on topic 17
IMF & USAID create economic crises by hiding risk: Opposes topic 17
Russia: No aid to kleptocrats until they pay workers: Opposes topic 17
Taiwan: Unconditional US response defends against China: Strongly Favors topic 17
Extend international order friendly to our security: Opposes topic 17
Strongly Opposes topic 18:
Prioritize green energy
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Explore ANWR immediately, to reduce foreign oil dependence: Strongly Opposes topic 18
Kyoto Protocol based on flawed science & worse economics: Strongly Opposes topic 18
No real evidence of global warming: Strongly Opposes topic 18
Strongly Favors topic 19:
Marijuana is a gateway drug
(-5 points on Social scale)
Drugs are designed to dull our moral integrity: Strongly Favors topic 19
Legalization makes America safe for Colombian drug cartels: Strongly Favors topic 19
No medicinal marijuana - create synthetics instead: Strongly Favors topic 19
Strongly Opposes topic 20:
Stimulus better than market-led recovery
(+5 points on Economic scale)
A flat tax will help families, homeowners, and charities: Strongly Opposes topic 20
Better tax incentives for business investments: Strongly Opposes topic 20
Cut taxes & interest rates to avoid Asian recession: Strongly Opposes topic 20
Charitable deduction gone under Flat Tax; but giving is not: Strongly Opposes topic 20

Steve Forbes is a Hard-Core Conservative
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