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Our Revolution
A Future to Believe In

by Bernie Sanders

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    This book is a detailed analysis by Sanders of both his 2016 primary campaign and what he feels are the issues affecting our government today. It is well researched and backed up with a multitude of facts.

    He begins with stating how his 2016 campaign, while not ending in victory, did result in an astounding movement of the young millennials to the left. Sanders was no longer a "fringe" candidate, he had woken up people and got them excited and in turn made the pundits look out of focus.

    A brief history of Bernie Sanders for those who may not be familiar with him. He became interested in politics at a young age and joined several off campus organizations while attending the University of Chicago. He was a member of the Young People's Socialist League, the Student Peace Union as well as the Congress of Racial Equality. With his appetite wetted for more political challenges he became elected independent mayor of Burlington, Vt., a position he held for 4 terms (1981 -89). As a mayor he was always pushing for more progressive programs to further his state and was quite successful in doing so.

    Sanders went on to become an independent U. S. Representative from Vermont from 1991 – 2007 and then an independent U.S. Senator from Vermont from 2007 to the present.

    As a candidate in the 2016 primary race Sanders ran on a platform of reforms needed to build up both the economy and the middle and lower class at the same time. Here is an abbreviated top 10 list of his thoughts on what we should be fighting for, what stands in its way, and some of his solutions:

    1. Stop the trade agreements that are sending American jobs overseas and crushing our own economy. (p. 103)
    2. There is a grotesque inequality of wealth – He says there is something profoundly wrong when the top 1/10th of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. (p. 120)
    3. Minimum wage needs to be raised to $15/hour – Sanders feels the minimum wage needs to become a living wage. We need to move tens of millions of working adults out of poverty. (p. 123)
    4. Gun control needs to be fixed – This country needs stricter background checks that must be enforced. The gun show loophole must be closed and no more "straw man" purchases. (p. 157)
    5. We need to develop new technologies in clean energy that would also create new, better paying jobs – This would make our country more efficient, productive and safe and would effectively help us in combating climate change as well. (p. 251)
    6. Stop the corporate tax dodging – Sanders feels strongly that we must stop corporations from hiding profits in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens. If these corporations are going to take America's benefits they must pay their fair share of taxes as well. (p. 273)
    7. Healthcare for all at affordable prices - He wants to institute a Medicare for all single payer system. He firmly believes that healthcare is not a commodity, it is a human right. (p. 334)
    8. Public colleges and universities should be tuition free – If America is to succeed in the highly competitive global economy we need the best educated workforce in the world. (p. 348-349)
    9. We need immigration reform – America needs a system that provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the shadows. (p. 390)
    10. We must breakup the media monopolies – Today six corporations control 90% of what we see, hear and read and those decisions are being pushed by the top 1%. (p. 438)

    Is Sander's book biased? The honest answer is yes. If you are a hard core right wing conservative who is benefiting from the inequalities that he painstakingly points out, issue by issue in this book, you will not appreciate what Sanders is revealing here. If you are a liberal/progressive you will find his book in tune with most or all of your principles. This book may even find you wondering "why didn't he win?"

    The book is primarily written to point out the injustices we currently suffer from in this country if you are middle or lower class. Sanders has listed many solutions but also realizes they all face uphill battles. These types of changes come slowly, in the face of well funded opposition. The people and institutions that benefit from the status quo will fight hard and long against any policy changes. This is where Sanders holds his greatest hope for America's future. His book is a must read, eye opener for those that crave and need change. Only their voices, votes, energy and actions can bring about real change. America needs this in numbers so large that the opposition is forced to listen. Sanders knows the best hope for America is in its youth and in those determined to bring about the changes that will make America stronger and healthier, an America that is working for all it's citizens and is not consumed with selfish greed.

    His campaign has passed. Hillary Clinton carried the democratic primary and we all know the outcome of that. Sanders continues his good fight today back in the Senate. His book's messages are just as timely today as when he wrote them in 2016. Everyone can learn from this book. Even if you're not a liberal or a progressive you should still be concerned with the many facts, issues and inequalities he points out. Sanders may have his detractors but no one can say he doesn't come prepared. Sanders did his homework.

    -- Mary Ellen Quinn, December 2017

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The above quotations are from Our Revolution
A Future to Believe In

by Bernie Sanders
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