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    This page contains bill sponsorships in the Senate and House. Bill sponsorships indicate the topics that legislators are most interested in, and spend the most time on.

15_H317 on Jan 13, 2015

Bill Sponsorship: H.R.317
Source: New Columbia Admission Act
Congressional Summary: Sets forth procedures for admission into the United States of the state of New Columbia.
  • Requires the Mayor of the District of Columbia to submit to the voters propositions for statehood and adoption of a State Constitution, and issue a proclamation for the first elections to Congress of two Senators and one Representative of New Columbia.
  • Requires the President to issue a proclamation announcing the results and admitting New Columbia into the Union.
  • Provides for conversion of District government offices to state offices.

Opponents reasons for voting NAY: (DCist.com, Sept. 2014): The Argument Against: Congress does not have the authority to grant statehood to D.C.; the 23rd amendment, which gave D.C. three electoral votes, would have to be repealed before statehood was granted. Washington is a wholly urban, one-industry town, dependent on the federal government far in excess of any other state. Moreover, with Congress no longer having authority over New Columbia but dependent on it, New Columbia could exert influence on the federal government far in excess of any other state.

Supporters reasons for voting YEA: [Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC; the District of Columbia has one representative to Congress and no Senators; Rep. Holmes can introduce bills but her vote does not count]: This 51st state would have no jurisdiction over the federal territory or enclave that now consists of the Washington that Members of Congress and visitors associate with the capital of our country. Those would remain under federal jurisdiction. The New Columbia Admission Act was the first bill I introduced in 1991. Statehood is the only alternative for the citizens of the District of Columbia. To be content with less than statehood is to concede the equality of citizenship that is the birthright of our residents as citizens of the United States.

    Participating counts on VoteMatch question 16. Question 16: Make voter registration easier Scores: -2=Strongly oppose; -1=Oppose; 0=neutral; 1=Support; 2=Strongly support.
  • Topic: Government Reform
  • Headline: Statehood for the District of Columbia (Score: 1)
  • Headline 2: Statehood for the District of Columbia (Score: 2)

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
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  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 15_H317

Alma Adams s1oNorth Carolina Democratic House MemberJan 13, 2015
Karen Bass s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Joyce Beatty s1oOhio DemocratJan 13, 2015
Don Beyer s1oVirginia Democratic House MemberFeb 3, 2015
Sanford Bishop s1oGeorgia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Earl Blumenauer s1oOregon DemocratJan 13, 2015
Corrine Brown s1oFlorida DemocratJan 13, 2015
Julia Brownley s1oCalifornia DemocratMar 19, 2015
G.K. Butterfield s1oNorth Carolina DemocratJan 13, 2015
Michael Capuano s1oMA Former Democratic Primary Senate Challenger (2009)Feb 3, 2015
Andre Carson s1oIndiana DemocratJan 13, 2015
Matt Cartwright s1oPennsylvania DemocratJan 13, 2015
Judy Chu s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
David Cicilline s1oRhode Island DemocratJan 13, 2015
Katherine Clark s1oMassachusetts DemocratJan 13, 2015
Yvette Clarke s1oNew York DemocratJan 13, 2015
William Lacy Clay s1oMissouri DemocratJan 13, 2015
Emmanuel Cleaver s1oMissouri DemocratJan 13, 2015
James Clyburn s1oSouth Carolina DemocratJan 13, 2015
Steve Cohen s1oTennessee DemocratJan 13, 2015
Bonnie Watson Coleman s1oNew Jersey Democratic House MemberJan 13, 2015
Gerry Connolly s1oVirginia DemocratJan 13, 2015
John Conyers s1oMichigan DemocratJan 13, 2015
Joe Courtney s1oConnecticut DemocratJan 13, 2015
Joseph Crowley s1oNew York DemocratJan 13, 2015
Elijah Cummings s1oMaryland DemocratJan 13, 2015
Danny Davis s1oIllinois DemocratJan 13, 2015
Susan Davis s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Peter Defazio s1oOregon DemocratJan 13, 2015
Diana DeGette s1oColorado DemocratJan 13, 2015
John Delaney s1oMaryland DemocratJan 13, 2015
Donna Edwards s1oMaryland Democrat (retiring 2016)Jan 13, 2015
Keith Ellison s1oMinnesota DemocratJan 13, 2015
Eliot Engel s1oNew York Democrat/LiberalJan 13, 2015
Sam Farr s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Chaka Fattah s1oPennsylvania DemocratJan 13, 2015
Lois Frankel s1oFlorida DemocratJan 13, 2015
Marcia Fudge s1oOhio DemocratJan 13, 2015
Alan Grayson s1oFL Democratic Senate candidateJan 13, 2015
Al Green s1oTexas DemocratJan 13, 2015
Raul Grijalva s1oArizona DemocratFeb 3, 2015
Luis Gutierrez s1oIllinois DemocratJan 22, 2015
Janice Hahn s1oCalifornia Democrat (retiring 2016)Jan 22, 2015
Alcee Hastings s1oFlorida DemocratJan 13, 2015
Jim Himes s1oConnecticut DemocratJan 13, 2015
Jared Huffman s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Steve Israel s1oNew York DemocratMar 10, 2015
Sheila Jackson Lee s1oTexas DemocratJan 13, 2015
Hakeem Jeffries s1oNew York DemocratJan 13, 2015
Eddie Bernice Johnson s1oTexas DemocratJan 13, 2015
Hank Johnson s1oGeorgia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Marcy Kaptur s1oOhio DemocratJan 22, 2015
Robin Kelly s1oIllinois DemocratJan 13, 2015
Ann Kirkpatrick s1oArizona Democrat (retiring 2016)Jan 13, 2015
John Larson s1oConnecticut DemocratJan 13, 2015
Brenda Lawrence s1oMichigan Democratic House MemberJan 13, 2015
Barbara Lee s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Sander Levin s1oMichigan DemocratJan 13, 2015
John Lewis s1oGeorgia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Ted Lieu s1oCalifornia Democratic House MemberJan 13, 2015
Dan Lipinski s1oIllinois DemocratJan 13, 2015
Alan Lowenthal s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Michelle Lujan-Grisham s1oNew Mexico DemocratJan 13, 2015
Carolyn Maloney s1oNew York Democrat/LiberalJan 22, 2015
Betty McCollum s1oMinnesota DemocratMar 16, 2015
Jim McDermott s1oWashington DemocratJan 13, 2015
Jim McGovern s1oMassachusetts DemocratFeb 9, 2015
Jerry McNerney s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Gregory Meeks s1oNew York Dem./Working-FamiliesJan 13, 2015
Gwen Moore s1oWisconsin DemocratJan 13, 2015
Jerrold Nadler s1oNew York Dem./Lib./Working-FamiliesJan 13, 2015
Grace Napolitano s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Eleanor Holmes Norton s2pDistrict of Columbia Democrat
Beto O`Rourke s1oTexas DemocratJan 13, 2015
Frank Pallone s1oNew Jersey DemocratFeb 10, 2015
Bill Pascrell s1oNew Jersey DemocratJan 13, 2015
Donald Payne s1oNew Jersey Former Democrat(Deceased 2012)Jan 13, 2015
Pedro Pierluisi s1oPuerto Rico DemocratJan 13, 2015
Mark Pocan s1oWisconsin DemocratJan 13, 2015
Jared Polis s1oColorado DemocratJan 13, 2015
Charles Rangel s1oNew York Dem./Lib. (retiring 2016)Jan 13, 2015
Cedric Richmond s1oLouisiana DemocratJan 13, 2015
Bobby Rush s1oIllinois DemocratJan 13, 2015
Tim Ryan s1oOhio DemocratFeb 3, 2015
Gregorio Sablan s1oMarianas DemocratJan 13, 2015
John Sarbanes s1oMaryland DemocratJan 13, 2015
Jan Schakowsky s1oIllinois DemocratJan 13, 2015
Bobby Scott s1oVirginia DemocratJan 13, 2015
David Scott s1oGeorgia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Jose Serrano s1oNew York Democrat/LiberalJan 22, 2015
Terri Sewell s1oAlabama DemocratJan 13, 2015
Louise Slaughter s1oNew York DemocratJan 13, 2015
Jackie Speier s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Mark Takai s1oHawaii Democratic House MemberJan 13, 2015
Mark Takano s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Bennie Thompson s1oMississippi DemocratJan 13, 2015
Mike Thompson s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Niki Tsongas s1oMassachusetts DemocratJan 13, 2015
Chris Van Hollen s1oMaryland Democrat (retiring 2016)Jan 13, 2015
Juan Vargas s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Marc Veasey s1oTexas DemocratJan 13, 2015
Debbie Wasserman Schultz s1oFlorida DemocratJan 14, 2015
Maxine Waters s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 13, 2015
Peter Welch s1oVermont DemocratJan 13, 2015
Frederica Wilson s1oFlorida DemocratJan 13, 2015
John Yarmuth s1oKentucky DemocratJan 13, 2015

Republicans participating in 15_H317

Independents participating in 15_H317

Madeleine Bordallo s1oGuam DelegateJan 13, 2015

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 106
Republicans: 0
Independents: 1

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