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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Maya Cummings: Emily's List endorsement.
    Mike Huckabee: End Planned Parenthood funding by tying to debt limit vote.
    Cory Gardner: Make "the pill" available without a prescription.
    Mike McFadden: Make contraceptives available without a prescription.
    Ken Cuccinelli: No new abortion restrictions as governor.
    Newt Gingrich: Don't discard excess embryos from in vitro fertilization.
    Newt Gingrich: Don't discard excess embryos from in vitro fertilization.
    Newt Gingrich: Embryonic stem-cell research desensitizes us to kill babies.
    Newt Gingrich: Embryonic stem-cell research desensitizes us to kill babies.
    Bob McDonnell: Supported 35 restrictive bills, even with rape & incest.
    Creigh Deeds: Backs abortion rights without parental consent.
    George Pataki: Favors abortion rights.
    John Kerry: Life begins at conception, but we can’t legislate that.
    Tom Vilsack: A Catholic who supports abortion rights.
    Wesley Clark: Partial birth ban ok if exceptions made for woman’s health.
    Duke Cunningham: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Gordon Harold Smith: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Orrin Hatch: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Strom Thurmond: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Tommy Thompson: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Zell Miller: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Al Gore: Next president’s Supreme Court nominees will decide abortion.
    George W. Bush: Supreme Court is wrong: leave abortion to the states.
    Elizabeth Dole: For federal funding only in cases of incest, rape, health.
Budget & Economy
    Elaine Chao: Reckless tax and spend strategy is hazardous for economy.
    Pope Francis: Trickle-down theories are structurally perverse economics.
    Jerry Brown: Ping-pong budgeting makes no sense.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: Deficits cut in half, but still higher than 2008.
    Paul Ryan: Bishops deny Ryan's "use of Catholic faith" as budget guide.
    Russell Feingold: 41-point plan to help control federal spending.
    Russell Feingold: 41-point plan to help control federal spending.
    Joe Manchin III: Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budget.
    John Raese: Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budget.
    Jim Gilmore: More banking oversight, even if it means bigger government.
    Mark Warner: Banking crisis caused by too many asleep at the switch in DC.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Specified cuts are $10B, not $100B.
    Paul O`Neill: Bush team not pushing Reaganite supply-side arguments.
    Paul O`Neill: Committed to maintaining strong dollar.
    Al Gore: Prosperity itself is on the ballot; keep “new-economy”.
    Al Gore: Voters in key states do not credit Gore for prosperity.
    Ralph Nader: High gas prices are the fruit of corporate power.
    Al Gore: Broad solutions to national debt & maintaining prosperity.
    George W. Bush: Make budget biennial; reinstate line-item veto; target pork.
    George W. Bush: $46B in new spending on health, education, & defense.
    George W. Bush: Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth.
Civil Rights
    Corey Stewart: Unfair to condemn only white nationalists.
    Dwight Eisenhower: 1953: Allowed black kids in White House Easter Egg Roll.
    Pope Francis: Met at Vatican Embassy with openly gay man and his partner.
    Clarence Thomas: Anti-gay marriage laws not the same as anti-miscegenation.
    Jeb Bush: OpEd: "One Florida" scrapped affirmative action.
    Kendrick Meek: Sit-in to protest "One Florida" end of affirmative action.
    Larry Hogan: Respect state law on same-sex marriage (even if not my view).
    Jody Hice: Gays can get married, just not to one another.
    Jody Hice: Husband's authority over whether a wife has political power.
    David Koch: Donated $25 million to United Negro College Fund.
    Bobby Jindal: Find common ground on gay marriage even when we disagree.
    Joni Ernst: Endorsed by RightNOW Women PAC to escape "war on women".
    Mike McFadden: Gay marriage ok; but I'm personally for traditional marriage.
    Mike Lee: Equality means giving citizens the right to define marriage.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: Gender wage gap is $0.19, not $0.23.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Homosexuality is against nature and harmful to society.
    Barbara Buono: Push legislature to legalize gay marriage.
    Chris Christie: No legislating gay marriage; but referendum ok.
    Jeb Bush: Traditional marriage best; but recognize gay couples.
    Marco Rubio: Leave gay marriage to states, but keep DOMA.
    Paul Ryan: Supports DOMA; supports constitutional ban on gay marriage.
    Rand Paul: Make federal benefits equal for gay couples.
    Bob McDonnell: Objects to anti-gay discrimination in principle.
    Tim Kaine: No discrimination against nominating gay judges.
    Tim Kaine: Same-sex couples should have the same legal rights.
    Tim Kaine: 2005: No gay adoption; 2011: gay adoption okay.
    Wendy Long: Firefighters don't deserve to be victims of racial quotas.
    Mike Bloomberg: Backs same-sex marriage.
    George Allen: Tunisian mother did not teach him Tunisian slur “macaca”.
    Rudy Giuliani: Pro gay rights.
    Russell Feingold: Shouldn’t change the Constitution to ban gay marriage.
    John Kerry: Personally believes marriage is between a man & a woman.
    Wesley Clark: Homosexuality is not a sin.
    George W. Bush: Offices on AIDS and race will remain open.
    Ezola Foster: Homosexuality is biologically & psychologically damaging.
    Ezola Foster: Racism is out of govt; now focus on people.
    Ezola Foster: Supports display of Confederate flag in southern states.
    Ezola Foster: Against racial preferences.
    Chuck Robb: Soldiers die to protect values; allow flag-burning.
    George Allen: Support VA beliefs & pass flag-burning ban amendment.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: Worked as management consultant, not in insurance.
    Tom Corbett: Give up on privatizing state lottery program.
    George Allen: Encourage corporations to repatriate their foreign earnings.
    Neel Kashkari: Corporate rate complexity encourages investment abroad.
    George Allen: Focus on small business and job creation.
    Ron Johnson: I'd be the only manufacturer in the Senate.
    Ron Johnson: I'd be the only manufacturer in the Senate.
    Joe Manchin III: Endorsed by U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
    Rob Portman: More favorable policy: encourage business development.
    Howard Dean: AdWatch: “Hold corporations accountable”-but gave incentives.
    Dick Cheney: Halliburton receives $7B in no-bid contracts in Iraq.
    Asa Hutchinson: Four executions in 8 days; keep protocol of lethal injection.
    Donald Trump: FactCheck: Stop-&-frisk unconstitutional but NYPD disagrees.
    Bill Weld: Prosecute police for civil rights violations.
    Gary Johnson: What are some local police doing that others aren't?
    John Kasich: Black Lives Matter means the system doesn't work for them.
    John Kasich: Police must understand challenges of black community.
    Tim Kaine: Opposes death penalty as a Catholic, but upholds VA law.
    Jeb Bush: Death penalty a tough call, but victims' families benefit.
    Mike Lee: Keep violent predators behind bars, not nonviolent offenders.
    Ezola Foster: Defends police action in Rodney King beating.
    Jim Gilmore: Three strikes eligibility no grounds for stay of execution.
    Jim Gilmore: Death penalty sets standard to not tolerate ghastly murders.
    Bill Weld: Tighten opioid prescription rules to keep them off streets.
    Gary Johnson: Mass shootings result from War on Drugs "shoot first" notion.
    Gary Johnson: Harm reduction strategies for heroin but no legalization.
    Elizabeth Warren: Legalizing marijuana will reduce opioid deaths.
    Donald Trump: Yes to medical marijuana; otherwise, decide state by state.
    Colin Bonini: Decriminalizing marijuana sends young people wrong message.
    Jack Markell: Decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.
    Jeff Merkley: Positives of pot legalization outweigh the negatives.
    Jerry Brown: How many people can get stoned and still have a great state?
    Martin O`Malley: Baltimore recovered from open-air drug markets.
    Sharron Angle: No legal marijuana; limit legal alcohol too.
    Barack Obama: Admitted marijuana use in high school & college.
    Dick Cheney: Was twice convicted of drunk driving charges.
    George W. Bush: Never disclosed DUI arrest out of concern for his daughters.
    Al Gore: Science doesn’t say medical marijuana is proper.
    Al Gore: Did pot when young, like young people do.
    Marco Rubio: Private lenders get percentage of student's income.
    Kay Hagan: Repeatedly stressed support for public schools.
    George Allen: Froze college tuition while governor.
    Bob McDonnell: Supports charter schools.
    Creigh Deeds: Don't divert money from schools, even in recession.
    Mark Warner: Home-schooling is ok; my sister home-schools her kids.
    Rick Santorum: Expose kids to legitimate debate of evolution & creationism.
    Margaret Spellings: NCLB act is modeled after her reforms in Texas.
    Ezola Foster: Focus on Constitution: feds out of school funding & control.
    Jim Gilmore: More support for traditional African-American universities.
    Al Gore: Increase the federal role in education.
    Al Gore: Highlights of 10-year $115B education program.
    George W. Bush: $5B reading program; mixing phonics & literature.
    George W. Bush: $2B for teachers; mandates are optional.
    George W. Bush: Apply Texas Reading Initiative to US: all 3rd graders read.
    George W. Bush: $400 deductible when teachers spend own money on classrooms.
    George W. Bush: $13B on education programs over 5 years.
    Elizabeth Dole: Supports CA Prop 187 barring illegal aliens from schools.
    George W. Bush: Establish standards, then let school districts meet them.
    George W. Bush: Results-oriented systems: OK to link funding to performance.
    George W. Bush: Teachers’ unions obstacle to school innovation.
    George W. Bush: Vouchers a priority; encourage their spread.
Energy & Oil
    Bill Weld: Carbon capture & sequestration technology for global warming.
    Bill Weld: Carbon trading credits but no carbon tax.
    Pope Francis: Calls for aggressive climate change action.
    Jeb Bush: Why is State Department in permit business for XL pipeline?
    Terry McAuliffe: Co-founded GreenTech electric car company, in Mississippi.
    Dave Freudenthal: Nation's first state excise tax on wind energy production.
    Bob McDonnell: Opposes cap-and-trade as congressional encroachment.
    Creigh Deeds: No cap-and-trade during recession.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: $150B for electric car batteries & new technology.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Supports nuclear power if it’s clean & safe.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Opposes Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste storage.
    John McCain: GovWatch: No, Obama supported $150B in energy innovation.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Build 45 new nuclear power plants by 2030.
    John McCain: End moratorium on offshore oil drilling.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Yes, his cap-and-trade bill is mandatory.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Favors wind & solar in ad; favors nuclear in bills.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Gas tax cut goes to oil companies, not consumers.
    Hillary Clinton: GovWatch: Gas tax holiday saves $8B; but that’s 64 cents/day.
    George W. Bush: Use ANWR fees for alternative energy and home oil help.
    George W. Bush: Drill ANWR and leave only footprints.
    George W. Bush: Bush questions Gore’s tax break for oil interests.
    Al Gore: Gore calls for elimination of combustion engine.
    Chuck Robb: Keep federal gas tax to maintain VA highway funding.
    George Allen: Roll back federal gas tax to lower gas price.
    Brett Kavanaugh: Dissents on EPA's blocking permit for strip mining operation.
    Donald Trump: Eminent domain is a very useful tool for job creation.
    Jerry Brown: $25B for water-shortage farmland.
    Creigh Deeds: Bring high-speed rail & bus rapid transit to Virginia.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Voted for one Congressional Katrina investigation.
    George W. Bush: Restrict wetland development, but not arsenic or CO2.
    George W. Bush: More lead emission reporting requirements.
    Ezola Foster: Eliminate EPA; businesses can take care of themselves.
    Al Gore: Supports brownfield cleanup; says Bush did not in Texas.
    George W. Bush: Clean up urban brownfields, in US as in Texas.
    George W. Bush: Keep fed enviro role but give money & flexibility to states.
Families & Children
    Mike Lee: End hidden double-tax imposed on working parents.
    George W. Bush: Fathers’ registry will promote involvement, responsibility.
    Al Gore: Elian’s father should decide Elian’s fate; maybe with courts.
    Hillary Clinton: Decide Elian’s fate via ongoing INS legal process.
    Rudy Giuliani: Give Elian citizenship; decide fate in family court.
    Al Gore: Elian’s interests paramount over diplomatic interests.
    Al Gore: Move Elian’s case from INS to Florida courts.
Foreign Policy
    Asa Hutchinson: Eradicate North Korean leadership, but no assassinations.
    George W. Bush: PEPFAR has saved 12M lives in Africa; let's keep it up.
    Bill Weld: Focus on nuclear proliferation & the Sunni-Shia schism.
    Pope Francis: Open Cuba; end American embargo.
    Gary Locke: Chinese public loved Locke; Beijing government disliked him.
    Jim Gilmore: Pursue terrorists into Pakistan, but maintain secrecy.
    Mark Warner: Pakistan could emerge as world’s most dangerous nation.
    Dick Cheney: Reach out to allies-but advisory role only.
    George W. Bush: Bush Doctrine: pre-emptive strikes for US defense.
    Joe Moakley: Greatest accomplishment was cutting off aid to El Salvador.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Sometimes leaders have to act without public consensus.
    George W. Bush: US troops will never be under UN command.
    Maria Cantwell: Opposes linking Human Rights to trade with China.
    Ezola Foster: American sovereignty is extremely important.
    Al Gore: Russia’s transition is accomplishment, if over-optimistic.
Free Trade
    Donald Trump: Put American firms first in federal contracts.
    Donald Trump: Review WTO exceptions to federal contract purchases.
    Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: Yes, called TPP "gold standard," unambiguously.
    Mike Pence: Supports TPP and trade agreements with Pacific Rim and China.
    Ted Cruz: End the Export-Import Bank.
    Brad Ellsworth: NAFTA has cost Indiana jobs.
    Daniel Coats: Trade barriers would hurt Indiana.
    Lee Fisher: More stringent policy: discourage companies moving overseas.
    George W. Bush: Repeals steel tariffs he imposed in 2002.
    Ezola Foster: Bush & Gore both favor free trade; Buchanan/Foster don’t.
Government Reform
    Donald Trump: FactCheck: Removed more regulations than other presidents.
    Tom Vilsack: Money is the only reason he left presidential race.
    Hillary Clinton: Voter suppression revives old demons of discrimination.
    Hillary Clinton: Fight obstacles to voting disguised as election fraud claims.
    George Allen: Judges shouldn't invent law or impose their political views.
    John Raese: Federal earmarks create career politicians.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Promised public financing, and then retreated.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: No, McCain & RNC don’t get much money from PACs.
    Samuel Alito: Courts play limited role in Constitutional system.
    Howard Dean: Opts out of campaign finance system.
    George W. Bush: Bush’s support of non-severability makes reform vulnerable.
    John McCain: Differentiate “electioneering” from real issue ads.
    Ralph Nader: Don’t waste your vote: Gore & Bush only marginally differ.
    Ezola Foster: Government should stop meddling in people’s lives.
    George W. Bush: Streamline government with cuts and competition.
Gun Control
    Larry Hogan: Ban bump stocks and other rapid-trigger devices.
    Larry Hogan: Increase age of unsupervised access from 16 to 18.
    Gary Johnson: Banning assault weapons just criminalizes the owners.
    Ted Strickland: 2010: Pro-gun & NRA endorsed; 2016: end gun epidemic.
    Ted Cruz: Obama is coming for our guns.
    Lincoln Chafee: Common-ground, commonsense safety legislation.
    Ed Gillespie: Fight UN gun ban treaty, & fight bans on guns or ammunition.
    Mark Warner: Restrict but don't ban high-capacity magazines.
    Steve Stockman: The best gun lubricant around is Liberal Tears.
    Steve Stockman: 1993: Opposed federal raid on the Branch Davidian compound.
    Mark Warner: Strong defender of the Second Amendment.
    Tim Kaine: Prevent gun sales if buyer declared dangerously mentally ill.
    Mike Bloomberg: Sued New York City gun dealers to control guns.
    Michael Steele: No ban on guns; focus on enforcement instead.
    Dick Gephardt: Leading Dems distance themselves from divisive gun debate.
    Dick Gephardt: No additional authority for federal gun agency.
    Howard Dean: Leading Dems distance themselves from divisive gun debate.
    John Edwards: Leading Dems distance themselves from divisive gun debate.
    John Edwards: Guns are about independence-don’t mess with that.
    Wesley Clark: Supports ban on assault weapons.
    Wesley Clark: Supports the Second Amendment and uses guns himself.
    John Ashcroft: Unequivocal individual gun rights, but restrictions ok.
    Charles Schumer: Cutting record-keeping limits fosters gun sale fraud & abuse.
    John Ashcroft: Cut record-keeping to one day for background checks.
    Ezola Foster: Focus on Constitution: No infringement of gun rights.
    George W. Bush: Assault weapon OK; waiting period not OK.
    George W. Bush: Concealed Carry needed in our dangerous society.
    Mike Espy: Appeared in advertisement in support of NRA.
Health Care
    Howard Schultz: Single-payer health care is a false promise.
    Alec Ross: Favors public option over single payer.
    Bill Weld: Likes health savings accounts & more competition.
    Gary Johnson: Let states experiment with Medicare & Medicaid rules.
    Gary Johnson: Run Medicare and Medicaid via states and municipalities.
    Gary Johnson: Free market reduces prices with places like "Stitches R Us".
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No, Cotton won't end Medicare guarantee.
    Mike Lee: ObamaCare gives far too much power to government.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Opposes ObamaCare and opposes delaying its implementation.
    Terry McAuliffe: Supports ObamaCare's expanding the state's Medicaid program.
    George Allen: I want to be the deciding vote to repeal ObamaCare.
    Tim Kaine: Inaction was not a solution for healthcare.
    Richard Carmona: Indignity of being poor patient in hospital sensitizes me.
    Jeff Flake: ObamaCare is a heavy anchor to drag around.
    Rick Berg: Advocates repeal of Obama's healthcare because too costly.
    Joe Manchin III: Opposes requiring individuals or businesses to buy insurance.
    Joe Manchin III: Prohibit denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.
    John Raese: ObamaCare is worst bill to ever come out of Congress.
    John Raese: ObamaCare is pure, unadulterated socialism.
    Bob McDonnell: Resist congressional encroachment & socialized medicine.
    Barbara Mikulski: Oppose a prescription plan that subsidies the drug companies.
    Dick Gephardt: AdWatch: Criticizes Dean for 11-year-old outdated stances.
    Wesley Clark: Supports universal health coverage.
    Anthony Kennedy: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    Antonin Scalia: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    Clarence Thomas: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    David Souter: Allow states to restrict cigarette ads beyond federal rules.
    John Paul Stevens: Allow states to restrict cigarette ads beyond federal rules.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Allow states to restrict cigarette ads beyond federal rules.
    Sandra Day O`Connor: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    Stephen Breyer: Allow states to restrict cigarette ads beyond federal rules.
    William Rehnquist: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    George W. Bush: Senior Rx: “Immediate Helping Hand” now; more later.
    Ezola Foster: Portable and private affordable Medicare solutions.
    Al Gore: Base drug plan on people, not power.
    Al Gore: Use Medicare surplus to pay federal debt, not to cut taxes.
    Al Gore: Require insurance coverage of experimental cancer trials.
    Al Gore: Focus on low-income families who lack insurance.
    Bill Bradley: $65B per year for 45 million uninsured.
    George W. Bush: Supports subsidized Medicare menu with means testing.
Homeland Security
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Pay for 65% of Medicare with defense waste (FactCheck: 20%).
    Barack Obama: Don't pursue nuclear warheads with new military capabilities.
    Donald Trump: Expand US nuclear capability; we're falling behind.
    Donald Trump: FactCheck: US spends more than NATO, but only 22% on NATO.
    Bill Weld: Take on ISIS with FBI task forces, like we took on the Mafia.
    Bill Weld: Pardon Snowden; no one was harmed by what he released.
    Bill Weld: Phase down our nuclear stockpile.
    Gary Johnson: No-fly lists subject to error; use airport security instead.
    Gary Johnson: Turn NSA satellites away from United States.
    Gary Johnson: Pardon Snowden; no one was harmed by what he released.
    Gary Johnson: Cut 20% of military bases in US and abroad.
    Donald Trump: Keep Gitmo open, and load it up with bad dudes.
    Pope Francis: Vatican recognizes Palestinian statehood.
    Donald Trump: 1964: Deferred Vietnam draft for four years while in college.
    Donald Trump: 1968: Classified 1-Y, medically disqualified for Vietnam.
    Tim Kaine: Repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell": let gays serve in military.
    John McCain: Applying habeas to Guantanamo let 30 terrorists attack US.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Only 13 Gitmo recidivists & none attacked US.
    Russell Feingold: Al-Qaeda is a priority, not Iraq.
    Howard Dean: No SDI deployment until it’s proven to work.
    Wesley Clark: Consider cutting defense spending.
    Jim Gilmore: Get homeland security money into hands of local governments.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Abandon the “two major war” basis for size of military.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Agrees with Bush on 21st century military reforms.
    Ezola Foster: Sovereignty of nation is a primary concern.
    George W. Bush: SDI plan like Bush Sr.’s $63B GPALS & “Brilliant Pebbles”.
    Harry S Truman: Purpose of CIA was to avoid departmental intel bias.
    Harry S Truman: CIA should not have operations, especially in peacetime.
    Howard Schultz: Hire 10,000 refugees from Trump's Muslim-ban countries.
    Donald Trump: Revamp H-1B from just a cheap labor program.
    Donald Trump: Revamp guest-worker program, even those used in Trump hotels.
    Pope Francis: End inhuman conditions when Mexican migrants come to U.S.
    Elizabeth Warren: Supports President Obama's immigration reform.
    Travis Childers: Signed anti-amnesty pledge: don't reward lawbreakers.
    Al Franken: Apologize for stripping citizenship for marrying foreigners.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Path to citizenship ok as part of compromise.
    Terry McAuliffe: Support the DREAM Act for legalizing minors.
    Gabriel Gomez: Make the Senate "Gang of Eight" a "Gang of Nine".
    Tim Kaine: Make it easier for foreign students to get green cards.
    Neel Kashkari: Expand visa programs for highly skilled workers.
    Jeff Flake: Secure the border; then comprehensive reform.
    Jeff Flake: SB1070 was imprudent & unconstitutional, but let it stand.
    Marco Rubio: GOP DREAM Act: visas for going to college or military.
    Richard Carmona: Vitriolic 'deport everybody' message loses Hispanics.
    Richard Carmona: I was given an opportunity to succeed; so should others.
    John Sanchez: Combat employment of illegals, after caught doing so.
    Daniel Coats: Voted for amnesty 26 years ago; against a dozen times since.
    Phil Gordon: Reform needed, but based on looks is unconstitutional.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Anti-immigrants fuel xenophobia, but 45% increase.
    George W. Bush: New temporary worker program includes illegal aliens.
    Howard Dean: Poor treatment of Muslim immigrants is ethnic profiling.
    Ezola Foster: Immigration policies should protect Americans.
    Elizabeth Dole: Supports CA Prop 187 barring illegal aliens from schools.
    George W. Bush: Against the spirit of CA Proposition 187.
    Gary Johnson: Why not $75? We can't afford minimum wage.
    Donald Trump: How do people make it on $7.25? Raise state minimum wage.
    Cory Booker: $1,000 tax credit for job-training apprenticeships.
    Tim Scott: $1,000 tax credit for job-training apprenticeships.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: Yes, 8M new jobs, but net 1.2M lost in recession.
    Cathy McMorris-Rodgers: FactCheck: Workforce participation decline due to Baby Boom.
    John Walsh: My dad was a union man, and my roots are in unions.
    John Raese: My forte is creating jobs.
    Jim Gilmore: Oppose making it easier to organize labor unions.
    Orrin Hatch: Ethanol subsidies OK, but no federal gasohol requirements.
    Orrin Hatch: Alternative fuels important to our energy security.
Principles & Values
    Thom Tillis: A self-made man who grew up in a trailer park.
    Sean Haugh: YouTube-based campaign as Libertarian party nominee.
    David Alameel: Defeated LaRouche Democrat in primary.
    Bobby Jindal: Parents accepted my conversion; but they are actively Hindu.
    Terri Lynn Land: AdWatch: Grew up in a trailer park, then managed motels.
    Bob McDonnell: Indicted on corruption charges days after leaving office.
    Colleen Hanabusa: OpEd: Too old to build seniority to steer pork to Hawaii.
    John Walsh: Washington incumbents are part of a broken system.
    Richard Carmona: Seeks to earn the respect of disenfranchised populations.
    Joe Miller: "I was beyond stupid" to rig poll with colleagues' computers.
    Joe Manchin III: My forte is creating jobs; I'll bring spirit of capitalism.
    Joe Manchin III: To Raese: Mr. Obama's name will not be on the ballot!
    Scott Brown: $1.3 million in 24 hours via Internet "Money Bomb" appeal.
    Jim Gilmore: Will be conservative voice in Democratic-controlled Congress.
    Mark Warner: End partisan gridlock; embrace common ground.
    Jim Gilmore: Warner is ducking debates; doesn’t want his positions known.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: “Worked his way thru college” meant 2 summer jobs.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Wears flag pin to deflect anti-patriotism critics.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: never a Muslim, but school listed him as Muslim.
    Hillary Clinton: GovWatch: Maybe won popular vote, but only delegates count.
    Amy Klobuchar: Voted with Democratic Party 94.1% of 324 votes.
    Arlen Specter: Voted with Republican Party 67.1% of 322 votes.
    Barack Obama: Voted with Democratic Party 96.0% of 251 votes.
    Barbara Boxer: Voted with Democratic Party 94.9% of 312 votes.
    Barbara Mikulski: Voted with Democratic Party 96% of 325 votes.
    Ben Nelson: Voted with Democratic Party 77.8% of 325 votes.
    Benjamin Cardin: Voted with Democratic Party 97.2% of 324 votes.
    Bernie Sanders: Voted with Democratic Party 94.1% of 324 votes.
    Bill Nelson: Voted with Democratic Party 93.4% of 320 votes.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Voted with Democratic Party 91.5% of 305 votes.
    Bob Casey: Voted with Democratic Party 94.5% of 326 votes.
    Bob Corker: Voted with Republican Party 89.2% of 324 votes.
    Byron Dorgan: Voted with Democratic Party 89.4% of 321 votes.
    Carl Levin: Voted with Democratic Party 96.0% of 322 votes.
    Charles Grassley: Voted with Republican Party 84.4% of 326 votes.
    Charles Schumer: Voted with Democratic Party 96.5% of 315 votes.
    Chris Dodd: Voted with Democratic Party 95.8% of 238 votes.
    Chuck Hagel: Voted with Republican Party 79.4% of 311 votes.
    Claire McCaskill: Voted with Democratic Party 84.6% of 325 votes.
    Craig Thomas: Voted with Republican Party 90.9% of 164 votes.
    Daniel Akaka: Voted with Democratic Party 96.6% of 325 votes.
    Daniel Inouye: Voted with Democratic Party 96.9% of 293 votes.
    David Vitter: Voted with Republican Party 87.6% of 306 votes.
    Debbie Stabenow: Voted with Democratic Party 94.7% of 323 votes.
    Dianne Feinstein: Voted with Democratic Party 94.1% of 320 votes.
    Elizabeth Dole: Voted with Republican Party 91.3% of 311 votes.
    Evan Bayh: Voted with Democratic Party 86.8% of 319 votes.
    Frank Lautenberg: Voted with Democratic Party 96.9% of 322 votes.
    George Voinovich: Voted with Republican Party 75.4% of 317 votes.
    Gordon Harold Smith: Voted with Republican Party 71.0% of 324 votes.
    Harry Reid: Voted with Democratic Party 95.1% of 326 votes.
    Herbert Kohl: Voted with Democratic Party 96.0% of 326 votes.
    Hillary Clinton: Voted with Democratic Party 96.7% of 304 votes.
    Jack Reed: Voted with Democratic Party 96.6% of 322 votes.
    James Inhofe: Voted with Republican Party 88.1% of 311 votes.
    James Webb: Voted with Democratic Party 90.1% of 324 votes.
    Jeff Bingaman: Voted with Democratic Party 95.6% of 320 votes.
    Jeff Sessions: Voted with Republican Party 89.3% of 317 votes.
    Jim Bunning: Voted with Republican Party 89.4% of 320 votes.
    Jim DeMint: Voted with Republican Party 87.3% of 316 votes.
    Joe Biden: Voted with Democratic Party 97.0% of 233 votes.
    John Barrasso: Voted with Republican Party 94% of 100 votes.
    John Cornyn: Voted with Republican Party 93.2% of 322 votes.
    John Ensign: Voted with Republican Party 91.7% of 314 votes.
    John Kerry: Voted with Democratic Party 93.5% of 306 votes.
    John McCain: Voted with Republican Party 87.3% of 165 votes.
    John Rockefeller: Voted with Democratic Party 92.1% of 304 votes.
    John Sununu: Voted with Republican Party 84.4% of 321 votes.
    John Thune: Voted with Republican Party 91.0% of 324 votes.
    John Warner: Voted with Republican Party 84.1% of 320 votes.
    Johnny Isakson: Voted with Republican Party 94.4% of 323 votes.
    Jon Kyl: Voted with Republican Party 88.4% of 318 votes.
    Jon Tester: Voted with Democratic Party 88.6% of 324 votes.
    Joseph Lieberman: Voted with Democratic Party 88.4% of 320 votes.
    Judd Gregg: Voted with Republican Party 82.9% of 316 votes.
    Kay Bailey Hutchison: Voted with Republican Party 89.7% of 319 votes.
    Kenneth Salazar: Voted with Democratic Party 92.6% of 326 votes.
    Kent Conrad: Voted with Democratic Party 92.2% of 320 votes.
    Kit Bond: Voted with Republican Party 85.0% of 313 votes.
    Lamar Alexander: Voted with Republican Party 88.1% of 319 votes.
    Larry Craig: Voted with Republican Party 89.5% of 306 votes.
    Lindsey Graham: Voted with Republican Party 87.5% of 312 votes.
    Lisa Murkowski: Voted with Republican Party 80.6% of 319 votes.
    Maria Cantwell: Voted with Democratic Party 94.7% of 323 votes.
    Mark Pryor: Voted with Democratic Party 87.1% of 326 votes.
    Mary Landrieu: Voted with Democratic Party 84.7% of 321 votes.
    Max Baucus: Voted with Democratic Party 88.3% of 326 votes.
    Mel Martinez: Voted with Republican Party 87.8% of 320 votes.
    Michael Crapo: Voted with Republican Party 91.2% of 308 votes.
    Michael Enzi: Voted with Republican Party 91.2% of 308 votes.
    Mitch McConnell: Voted with Republican Party 92.9% of 325 votes.
    Norm Coleman: Voted with Republican Party 76.9% of 312 votes.
    Olympia Snowe: Voted with Republican Party 62.9% of 326 votes.
    Orrin Hatch: Voted with Republican Party 87.1% of 319 votes.
    Pat Roberts: Voted with Republican Party 86.9% of 313 votes.
    Patrick Leahy: Voted with Democratic Party 94.8% of 324 votes.
    Patty Murray: Voted with Democratic Party 96.6% of 322 votes.
    Pete Domenici: Voted with Republican Party 80.8% of 317 votes.
    Richard Burr: Voted with Republican Party 91.5% of 318 votes.
    Richard Durbin: Voted with Democratic Party 97.5% of 323 votes.
    Richard Lugar: Voted with Republican Party 76.2% of 324 votes.
    Richard Shelby: Voted with Republican Party 89.8% of 324 votes.
    Robert Bennett: Voted with Republican Party 88.2% of 322 votes.
    Robert Byrd: Voted with Democratic Party 86.8% of 319 votes.
    Robert Menendez: Voted with Democratic Party 95.7% of 325 votes.
    Ron Wyden: Voted with Democratic Party 95.1% of 324 votes.
    Russell Feingold: Voted with Democratic Party 91.7% of 326 votes.
    Sam Brownback: Voted with Republican Party 90.0% of 201 votes.
    Saxby Chambliss: Voted with Republican Party 94.4% of 319 votes.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Voted with Democratic Party 96.6% of 325 votes.
    Sherrod Brown: Voted with Democratic Party 96.9% of 318 votes.
    Susan Collins: Voted with Republican Party 66.9% of 326 votes.
    Ted Kennedy: Voted with Democratic Party 91.3% of 321 votes.
    Ted Stevens: Voted with Republican Party 81.6% of 310 votes.
    Thad Cochran: Voted with Republican Party 87.5% of 321 votes.
    Thomas Carper: Voted with Democratic Party 91.6% of 321 votes.
    Tim Johnson: Voted with Democratic Party 100% of 15 votes.
    Tom Coburn: Voted with Republican Party 82.8% of 290 votes.
    Tom Harkin: Voted with Democratic Party 95.3% of 320 votes.
    Trent Lott: Voted with Republican Party 88.2% of 304 votes.
    Wayne Allard: Voted with Republican Party 92.7% of 317 votes.
    Mike Bloomberg: Will decide in early ‘08 on run as self-financed independent.
    George Allen: Recently discovered he has Jewish heritage.
    George Allen: Raised Christian with Jewish ancestry; religion not relevant.
    Rudy Giuliani: Socially liberal stances: weak in primary; strong in general.
    Harriet Miers: Low-key but high-precision style.
    Harriet Miers: Served one term on Dallas City Council and then bowed out.
    Joe Biden: Plans to seek presidential nomination in 2008.
    Joseph Lieberman: AdWatch: Fighting extremes of both parties.
    Howard Dean: Building a grassroots movement, like a liberal Goldwater.
    Wesley Clark: Different kind of Democrat-without strong partisanship.
    Wesley Clark: Would not rule out vice presidency.
    Wesley Clark: Bush abuses executive power as much as Nixon did.
    Howard Dean: Let’s say what we think and get away from being poll-driven.
    Jim Jeffords: Party switch gives control of Senate to Democrats.
    Robert Reich: Democratic Party: not playing dead, but dead.
    George W. Bush: Communitarianism: Society over unfettered individualism.
    George W. Bush: Bush ended news conferences in Sept.; Gore now accessible.
    Ralph Nader: Nader-Trader: Swap Gore vote with friend in non-swing state.
    Ralph Nader: Hold Your Vote: check late polls; vote Nader if not close.
    Ralph Nader: Tactical voting: if Gore leads your state by 9%, vote Nader.
    Ezola Foster: Left Democrats & GOP because of differences of belief.
    Ezola Foster: In the race to win.
    Ezola Foster: Encourages attending John Birch chapter meetings.
    Ezola Foster: No rift in Reform Party; no change in platform.
    Dick Cheney: Praises Bush for decency, integrity, and honor.
    Dick Cheney: Opportunity to serve led to acceptance of nomination.
    Dick Cheney: Voting record in Congress consistently conservative.
    George W. Bush: Bush cultivates a religious language acceptable to most.
    Pat Buchanan: Far right support for Buchanan has transformed Reform Party.
    Ralph Nader: Spoiled political system spawns spoiled candidates.
    Ralph Nader: Uses personal income as societal change agent.
    George W. Bush: Theme: change how Washington works & restore moral purpose.
    Chuck Robb: Calls himself a centrist Democrat.
    George Allen: Calls himself “Common sense” conservative populist.
    George W. Bush: “Bully Pulpit” should spur societal change.
    Al Gore: At impeachment, defends “one of our greatest presidents”.
    Janet Reno: In contempt of Congress over Clinton-Gore fund-raising.
    Janet Reno: Dislikes publicity; devoid of affect.
Social Security
    Gary Johnson: Change eligibility rules for Medicare; and age for Soc.Sec.
    Bruce Braley: Privatizing Social Security turns it over to Wall Street.
    George Allen: Raise retirement age & end benefits to wealthy.
    Tim Kaine: Lift the payroll tax cap.
    Neel Kashkari: Index for inflation; increase retirement age; means-testing.
    Rick Berg: Against privatizing Social Security.
    Andrew Cuomo: Expose obscure formulas that cause automatic increases.
    Brad Ellsworth: Don't raise the retirement age; put people to work instead.
    Daniel Coats: Save Social Security from itself; increase age & more.
    Lee Fisher: No benefit cuts; don't raise retirement age.
    Rob Portman: Bush's proposal was sound, but I'm not for privatization.
    Neel Kashkari: We must cut entitlements, to avoid national insolvency.
    Walter Mondale: Chaired commission on privatization, but opposed privatizing.
    Ezola Foster: Help people without dependency: transition to IRAs.
    Al Gore: Protect Social Security from privacy & ID theft.
    Al Gore: More benefits to 8 million mothers and 3 million widows.
    Al Gore: Privatization is “stock market roulette”.
    George W. Bush: Use political capital to implement private savings accounts.
    George W. Bush: Supports subsidized Medicare menu with means testing.
    George W. Bush: Lock-box yes; tax increase no; bipartisanship yes.
    George W. Bush: Tax-funded private IRA’s under federal guidelines.
Tax Reform
    Ben Jealous: Tax the top 1% earners by 1% to pay for free college.
    Ed Gillespie: Use 40% of projected revenue growth for tax relief.
    Frank Wagner: More taxes to pay for chronic lack of transportation funding.
    Ed Gillespie: Believes in conservative ideas of lower taxes.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Cut taxes by $1.4 billion a year.
    Tim Kaine: Let Bush tax cuts expire, but do not raise capital gains tax.
    Joe Manchin III: Don't mess with or increase taxes during a time of turmoil.
    John Raese: Make tax cuts permanent, even for earners over $250K.
    Bob McDonnell: Use general funds for transportation bill, not new taxes.
    Creigh Deeds: Dedicated funding for transportation, including new taxes.
    Bob McDonnell: Opposed tax increases for core government services.
    Jim Gilmore: Signature achievement: effort to eliminate Virginia car tax.
    Mark Warner: Pushed $1.4B tax increase to close $6B budget shortfall.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: didn’t vote to raise taxes 94 times; at most 54.
    Mike Bloomberg: Raised property taxes 18% to pay off budget deficit.
    Joseph Lieberman: Fresh Start on tax cuts for 98% of all taxpayers.
    Wesley Clark: Freeze Bush tax cuts which haven’t yet taken effect.
    Jim Gilmore: Always followed a program of reducing taxes where possible.
    Al Gore: $500B to people earning under $100K; via 30 targeted cuts.
    George W. Bush: $500B to people earning under $100K; $800B to those richer.
    Ezola Foster: End taxes on income, capital gains, gifts, & inheritance.
    Al Gore: Don’t eliminate gas tax; ask oil interests to charge less.
    George W. Bush: Don’t eliminate gas tax; ask OPEC to increase supply.
    George W. Bush: Add targeted cuts to comprehensive tax cut.
    George W. Bush: Use the marketplace to encourage people to save and invest.
    George W. Bush: $8B tax incentives for charitable contributions.
    George W. Bush: Allow IRA withdrawals for charitable contributions.
    George W. Bush: Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth.
    Charles Schumer: $30B for NYC-NJ Gateway rail tunnel.
    Chris Christie: $30B for NYC-NJ Gateway rail tunnel.
    Donald Trump: No to $30B for NYC-NJ Gateway rail tunnel.
    Elaine Chao: NY-NJ Tunnel means less funding for other projects.
    Rodney Frelinghuysen: $30B for NYC-NJ Gateway rail tunnel.
    Ted Budd: Don't make 48 other states pay $30B for NY-NJ Tunnel.
    George Allen: No online sales tax for out-of-state websites.
    Tim Kaine: Force online retailers to collect sales taxes.
    Richard Carmona: Criticized Bush for placing politics ahead of science.
    Joe Manchin III: States depend on federal government for key infrastructure.
    Creigh Deeds: Commission to craft a comprehensive transportation package.
    Dick Gephardt: Using raw census numbers disenfranchises minorities.
    Donald Evans: Census redistricting will be based on Evan’s (GOP) figures.
    George W. Bush: No “virtual people” in census; use raw numbers.
    Al Gore: $33B for new R&D tax credit; more privacy protection on-line.
    George W. Bush: Fewer strings to obtain technology for schools.
    Al Gore: Tighten privacy protections over medical information.
    George W. Bush: Census long form is intrusive; not sure he’d fill it out.
War & Peace
    Gary Johnson: Leave Afghanistan now or Taliban comes back when we do leave.
    Gary Johnson: North Korea has no conventional threat; China deal on ICBMs.
    Pope Francis: Supports the Iran nuclear deal.
    Rand Paul: Maintain ambiguous policy on containing nuclear Iran.
    Scott Brown: Terrorists are not gone from Afghanistan.
    Jim Gilmore: Any kind of timetable in Iraq is not responsible.
    Mark Warner: No timetable to end war in Iraq.
    Ed Gillespie: As Bush spokesperson, defended Iraqi surge & al Qaeda link.
    John Edwards: On voting for Iraq War: “I was wrong”.
    E.J. Pipkin: Give the President the benefit of the doubt to fight terror.
    Chuck Hagel: US in “deep trouble” in Iraq.
    John McCain: Looting, terrorism in Iraq a result of US mistakes.
    Lindsey Graham: We need more troops for long haul, Iraq is like WWII.
    George W. Bush: Request of $25 billion for war just the beginning.
    Colin Powell: Contradicted Cheney and sought more UN involvement.
    Dick Cheney: Biggest threat comes from WMD and from Saddam.
    Dick Cheney: UN inspections would not reduce WMD threat.
    Dick Cheney: Contradicted Powell and sought to connect Saddam and 9/11.
    George W. Bush: $389M in 2002-2003 for CIA to overthrow Saddam.
    George W. Bush: CIA report hedged on whether Saddam had WMD.
    George W. Bush: CIA chief told Bush “slam dunk” that Saddam had WMD.
    Colin Powell: Invading Iraq means “owning” it, for better or worse.
    Condoleezza Rice: War stops Saddam from beating international community.
    Dick Cheney: Pre-war planning: once the war starts, Saddam is “toast”.
    George W. Bush: US could not maintain Iraq inspection regime indefinitely.
    John Kerry: Karl Rove: “Kerry gave green light to Bush on Iraq”.
    Dick Cheney: Saddam had intent to create WMD.
    George W. Bush: Saddam a “madman” who could make WMDs.
    Howard Dean: AdWatch: “My opponents voted for war”-negative but true.
    Hillary Clinton: Agrees with Newt Gingrich that Iraq policy is a mess.
    Newt Gingrich: Iraq policy is a mess.
    Howard Dean: Israeli security fence cannot be permanent.
    Wesley Clark: Would probably have voted yes on Iraq war authorization.
    Wesley Clark: Yes to Iraqi $87B if Bush makes exit strategy.
    Jim Gilmore: Iraq does not deplete localities of responders.
    George W. Bush: Afghanistan was a “different type of war”.
    George W. Bush: Afghanistan model-successful plan first-used for Iraq.
    Colin Powell: Favored containment over invasion in both Iraq wars.
    Colin Powell: War cabinet split: Rumsfeld & Cheney hawks; Powell dove.
    Colin Powell: Predicted Iraq war would suck the oxygen from War on Terror.
    Dick Cheney: UN made itself irrelevant by irresoluteness on Iraq.
    Barney Frank: Avoid using anti-terrorism power for political purposes.
    Bob Barr: Don’t rush to make new anti-terrorism laws.
    Patrick Leahy: Caution about applying anti-terrorism laws to others.
    Bill Clinton: Legal ban on assassinations doesn’t apply to bin Laden.
    Colin Powell: Support Iraqi opposition while maintaining sanctions.
    George W. Bush: $4M for Iraqi opposition to work inside Iraq.
    John Hagelin: “Coherence-creation” via meditation would reduce stress.
Welfare & Poverty
    Pope Francis: Politicians should be disturbed by the lives of the poor.
    Jerry Brown: 1977: Visited tenement & prison to see 1st-hand.
    Neel Kashkari: With $40 & no job, economy hasn't improved since 2011.
    Paul LePage: Give people in need a hand up; don't give unneeded hand-outs.
    David Alameel: I don't see upward mobility for the middle class.
    Thom Tillis: No government assistance for those who can help themselves.
    Mike Lee: Poverty comes from cronyist privilege at the top.
    Lyndon Johnson: After 50 years, War on Poverty has 40 controversial programs.
    Lyndon Johnson: Great Society today: Head Start; food stamps; NEA; Job Corps.
    Marco Rubio: War on Poverty shows big-government approach fails.
    Ronald Reagan: 1964: Early advocate against LBJ's Great Society.
    Steve Stockman: 1990s: Homeless in Fort Worth's Water Gardens park.
    Richard Carmona: Experienced poverty and homelessness as child in Harlem.
    New Testament: Any budget should help "the least of these".
    Paul Ryan: Remove anti-poverty programs that dishonor human dignity.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Welfare laws he “passed” were federally mandated.
    George W. Bush: Fund faith-based social services, not worship services.
    Al Gore: Housing: Keep interest rates low; foster more savings.
    George W. Bush: Housing: Help low-income purchasers, and housing developers.
    George W. Bush: Housing: Use HUD rental vouchers for first home purchase.
    Al Gore: $200B to encourage more savings by low-income workers.
    George W. Bush: Invigorate “a Civil Society” to protect vulnerable citizens.

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