Robert Reich on Foreign Policy

Former Secretary of Labor; Democratic Challenger MA Governor

It’s time to advocate strongly for Palestinian state

It’s time for the United States to pressure Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to resume the peace process with an eye toward a separate Palestinian state on the West Bank. Indeed, the United States and the West may have to take a stronger role in creating that state. Without it, continued hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians will only further inflame the Muslim world.
Source: The American Prospect, vol.12, no.19, “How to Be Tough” , Nov 5, 2001

We’re too stingy with our foreign aid

Not only are we the richest nation, but it turns out we’re also the stingiest nation in the world. The aid we give to poor nations amounts to just $29 a year per each American.

Some people think we shouldn’t be giving out foreign aid to poor nations in the first place. That’s like doling out welfare checks-it doesn’t help them do better on their own. What poor nations really need, according to this view, is relief from the crippling debts they’ve accumulated over many decades. So last year the US and other industrialized nations agreed to provide poor nations with $27 billion to be used to pay off some of these debts. But here again, instead of leading the way, America has behaved like scrooge, pledging to pay only 4% of that total. And now Congress is reneging even on this little commitment.

If we think we’re really independent of the rest of the world, and won’t suffer the long-term consequences of global poverty, we’re not nearly as great, nor as smart, as we think we are.

Source: PBS radio, “Marketplace” broadcast, “America the Stingy” , Jul 6, 2000

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