Charlie Baker on Tax Reform



Make MA taxes competitive with other states

[My economic plan] Getting Massachusetts Back in Business will:
  1. Establish a simple and equitable tax system to send a strong message to the business community that Massachusetts is a business-friendly state [with a flat 5% business tax rate]
  2. Make Massachusetts' tax policies competitive with other states so that jobs are created here.
  3. Provide businesses with a predictable set of rules on how to conduct business in Massachusetts, [including an] immediate moratorium on regulations.
  4. Adopt a reasonable and effective statewide energy policy.
  5. Regional Economic Development: There are many regions of this state that are struggling well-beyond the Boston metropolitan area. Most notable are the former industrial cities that anchor these regions which have been struggling with double digit unemployment figures for the past year and a half. The current approach to economic development in the state is leaving these cities and the surrounding regions behind.
Source: 2010 gubernatorial campaign website, charliebaker2010.com , Nov 1, 2010

Signed the no-new taxes pledge

Charlie Baker chided Governor Patrick and Treasurer Cahill for admitting last night that their own tax increases are causing Massachusetts workers to be taxed too much, and criticized Patrick and Cahill for not signing the no-new taxes pledge. Baker and his running-mate Richard Tisei are the only candidates in the race who have signed the pledge not to raise taxes if elected.

"The eight tax increases of the past four years have cost Massachusetts jobs," said Baker. "Governor Patrick and Treasurer Cahill have been advocating for and pushing for those higher taxes for the past four years and it's time for a new team to take Massachusetts in a new direction."

Baker and Tisei have signed the "No New Taxes' pledge, reinforcing their plans to turn Massachusetts' economy around by reforming and restructuring state government, rather than raising taxes. Baker supports reducing the income tax, sales tax and business tax rate to 5 percent and will push for those tax cuts upon taking office.

Source: 2010 gubernatorial campaign website press release , Sep 15, 2010

2010: 5-5-5 plan to cut sales, income, and business taxes

Baker made a "5-5-5 plan" to reduce MA income, corporate & sales taxes to 5.0% rate a centerpiece of his 2010 campaign. Baker repeatedly pledged to cut taxes and to ease red tape for small businesses, which he said is ruining their potential for growth. He calls himself "a five, five and five guy." He wants the sales tax, income tax and businesses taxes reduced to 5 percent. (Gloucester Times, 9/27/2010)

Baker took the Norquist pledge (signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, as did his running mate for Lt. Governor Richard Tisei) and even declared "Read my lips: No new taxes".

In the 2014 race, Baker is promising he will never cut Local Aid as Governor. He has explicitly dropped the 5-5-5 plan and says he won't be taking the no-new-taxes pledge this time around (though he still is against any tax hikes). Baker voted in favor of tax hikes the only time he has ever held elective office (as a Selectman).

Source: Mass IEPAC: Research Profile on Charlie Baker, p. 22 , Sep 1, 2014

Reform before revenue: no status quo but no tax increase

[In contrast to 2010, when he signed the no-new-taxes pledge, Baker in 2014] says he: