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Democrat Debate at Dartmouth University, Oct. 28, 1999


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Budget & Economy
    Al Gore: Set aside 15-16% of budget surplus to fix Medicare.
    Al Gore: Low interest rates are a key to strong economy.
Civil Rights
    Al Gore: Supports same-sex partnerships; but not “marriage” title.
    Al Gore: Recognize gays & lesbians in the circle of human dignity.
    Bill Bradley: Gays are no different than all of us; end discrimination.
    Al Gore: Tough teacher testing & peer evaluation.
    Al Gore: More pre-school; more teacher bonuses.
    Bill Bradley: Feds should fulfill special ed commitments.
    Bill Bradley: Scholarships & loans to create 60,000 new teachers.
    Bill Bradley: Spirit of experimentation is solution to urban schools.
Energy & Oil
    Al Gore: Tax credits & business incentives for energy efficiency.
    Al Gore: Environmental clean-up benefits health.
    Bill Bradley: Supports more pollution cleanup & pollution prevention.
    Bill Bradley: Let people experience something bigger than themselves.
Foreign Policy
    Al Gore: Mantle of leadership means responding to violence abroad.
    Al Gore: Intervention requires national interest, by our values.
    Al Gore: Pay UN dues, as leader of the world.
    Bill Bradley: East Timor worked; use UN instead of US elsewhere.
Government Reform
    Al Gore: Public campaign financing, open candidates’ tax returns.
    Al Gore: Has supported bills like McCain-Feingold for 20 years.
    Bill Bradley: Campaign reform needs support from people, business, & Pres.
    Bill Bradley: Project Independence: his grassroots campaign finance reform.
Gun Control
    Al Gore: Zero tolerance for guns in schools, to end school violence.
Health Care
    Al Gore: Set aside 15-16% of budget surplus to fix Medicare.
    Al Gore: Patients and doctors should decide who gets what care.
    Al Gore: $146B over 10 years to insure 90% of adults & 100% of kids.
    Al Gore: Treat mental health on parity with physical health.
    Al Gore: Proposes network of family caregiving support centers.
    Bill Bradley: Fund reforms from surplus, medical Internet, & lower costs.
    Bill Bradley: Create respite centers for Alzheimer’s patients & caregivers.
Homeland Security
    Bill Bradley: Bring Test Ban Treaty back to Senate, and pass it.
    Al Gore: Expand Family and Medical Leave to balance work & family.
Principles & Values
    Al Gore: Was angry at Clinton but wanted continuity & stability.
    Al Gore: Support Gore because he’ll fight for you.
    Al Gore: President should fight for all citizens.
    Al Gore: Working to improve things overcomes disillusionment.
    Bill Bradley: Themes: Health insurance, racial unity, child poverty.
    Bill Bradley: Left Senate to study technology, campaigns, & racial unity.
    Bill Bradley: Private sector for 2 years made him ready to lead America.
    Bill Bradley: Leaders need honesty, foresight, and courage.
    Al Gore: Proud of helping Internet; not proud of claiming invention.

The above quotations are from Democrat Debate at Dartmouth University, Oct. 28, 1999.

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