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Sustainable energy efficiency via CleanTECH San Diego

To help San Diego weather the national economic downturn, Mayor Sanders has been nurturing San Diego's emerging clean technology industry. Mayor Sanders has advanced policy initiatives to help foster industry growth, particularly in the City's burgeoning clean technology sector. In 2006, Sanders announced the City would explore ways to leverage its enterprise zones, permitting & incentives to support the formation of a clean tech industry cluster. Since then, Sanders' policy staff has worked closely with CleanTECH San Diego, the California Center for Sustainable Energy, and local universities and research institutes to devise ways to nurture San Diego's emerging clean technology industry.

The City is taking advantage of federal stimulus grants and state incentives to bolster the local cleantech sector, including partnering with San Diego Gas & Electric and CleanTECH San Diego to offer no-interest financing for energy-efficiency upgrades for small businesses.

Source: San Diego Mayoral website , Dec 5, 2011

Purchase no-emission electric vehicles for city

Last month, Mayor Sanders stood before the first public electric-vehicle charging station in the nation, and vowed San Diego would lead the way to making the purchase and use of no-emission electric vehicles a practical choice for everyday San Diegans--not just hobbyists and environmentalists.

To that end, Mayor Sanders announced with Car2Go CEO Nicholas Cole that they will deploy the first all-electric fleet of shared vehicles in San Diego this fall. The choice by Car2Go validates the city's commitment to being one of the first cities in the nation to provide a charging network that can support the widespread use of electric vehicles.

For those who've chosen a more walkable, urban lifestyle--but still need a vehicle for errands--this is an ideal solution.

Source: San Diego Mayoral press release, "Car2Car" , Jul 13, 2011

Harvest methane from the Miramar landfill

San Diego is committed to creative thinking on energy and environmental issues--and today's groundbreaking at the Miramar landfill provides the perfect example.

This project calls for a private company--Fortistar LLC--to install dozens of wells that will capture methane gas from the landfill. The new power plant will use the captured methane gas to generate almost half of MCAS Miramar's energy needs.

Everyone wins. The military reduces both its electricity costs and its environmental footprint by tapping into a renewable energy source. And the city makes money--an estimated $200,000 a year--by receiving a share of Fortistar's revenue from the sale of this converted methane.

The city will also save up to $2 million in capital costs because Fortistar will install the wells at its own expense. These are wells the city would have needed to install on its own to prevent too much methane from seeping into the atmosphere.

Source: San Diego Mayoral press release, "Methane Miramar" , Jul 12, 2011

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