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Few blacks on TV until 1962

My parents didn't set limits on how much TV I watched. To be fair, television was a lot more wholesome in the late 1950s. The only black people regularly on TV were the characters on "Amos 'n' Andy," and while we watched their antics, my parents went out of their way to point out and correct their butchered English. Mostly I watched cartoons such as "Popeye" and situation comedies such as "I Love Lucy." "The Popeye Show" took place in a studio with Cousin Cliff, a big white man in a sailor suit, hosting an audience of schoolkids. Sometimes kids would bring their friends and celebrate a birthday on TV. The studio audience was all white, of course, until about 1962, when the show started devoting a few days each year to "Negro day." I actually got to go when I was about 7 years old and one of my friends had her birthday party there.
Source: My Extraordinary Family, by Condi Rice, p. 37-38 , Jan 10, 2012

Pushed to improve intellectual property rights in China

It seemed to me that a separate channel for the thicket of economic issues was a good idea. I was never a fan of linkage politics and didn't really believe that threatening the US-China economic relationship in retaliation for differences in the security field or on human rights would work. We needed to solve economic issues with China because of their centrality to the health of our own and the global economy.

So prevalent were these problems in my meetings in Beijing that, after yet another desultory conversation about China's horrendous record on intellectual property rights (IPR), Hu had a surprise for me one day. "You're always talking about IPR," he said. "Let me introduce you to the woman who is in charge of making sure that piracy is prosecuted." In walked Madame Wu Yi, a stoutly built woman standing no more than five feet tall.

Source: No Higher Honor, by Condoleezza Rice, p.519 , Nov 1, 2011

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