Condoleezza Rice on Health Care

Secretary of State


Limited role for government providing healthcare insurance

On the AmericansElect.org healthcare question, Dr. Rice chose 'C' from the list below, with a relative weighting of 3%:
Source: AmericansElect email questionnaire with Condi Rice's staff , Feb 13, 2012

Mother's 1970 cancer became a constant unwelcome presence

In March 1970, Mother had surgery [for breast cancer]. In 1970, cancer was considered a death sentence. I could tell that she was scared. I could tell that Daddy was scared. And I was terrified.

[When] the surgery was over, the doctor was mildly encouraging that the cancer had been caught early. She'd need to undergo radiation therapy.

When your mother is diagnosed with cancer you have to find a new normal. Once cancer enters your family's life it is a constant and unwelcome presence. I prayed every night that Mother's cancer would not come back.

As the daughter of a mother who had breast cancer, I can confirm that the perpetual anxiety caused by a parent's disease is passed on to a child very directly. When Mother was first diagnosed in 1970, the genetic implications of the disease weren't as well understood as they are today. But over my lifetime the fact that my mother had breast cancer has persisted as a dominant factor in my own health prognosis.

Source: My Extraordinary Family, by Condi Rice, p.143-146 , Jan 10, 2012

2001: Breast cancer scare from exam; mother died of it

Something happened to Condi that came from out of nowhere. "I had gone to the doctor for a checkup when, during my breast exam, my doctor found something unusual," Condi recalls. "My mother died from breast cancer, so this was not good news. My doctor said something like, 'Well, don't worry; whatever it is, it's early.' The doctor said he didn't know and wouldn't know for about a week. That was one of the longest 7 day periods of my life. During the first few days after meeting with my doctor, I found myself planning my future. How was this illness going to interfere with my life? How was I going to keep working if I had cancer? I realized that I was attempting to control a circumstance that I had no control over. So I changed the way I had been praying."

God used the breast cancer scare to draw Condi to a place where she was dependent upon him as opposed to relying on her intellect and ability to reason, the same lesson she had grappled with and overcome in relation to her parents' deaths.

Source: The Faith of Condoleezza Rice, by L. Montgomery, p.170-171 , Mar 7, 2007

Give people freedom to access their own healthcare

I believe very strongly in investing in the people’s health care. But we also believe in giving people the freedom to have their own lives and to really take the challenge of their own lives onboard. And so it shouldn’t be paternalistic [in] which people are [just] given health care. Governments need to be accountable to give people opportunity, to give people access. And those are the efforts at health care that always worked best.
Source: CNN Espanol, on www.4condi.com, “Issues” , Jun 6, 2005

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