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Room for clean technology alongside fossil fuel jobs

Houston's "clean" or "green" economy is ranked 9th among the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program. "There is room for clean technology in a city with the largest number of fossil fuel jobs in the country and where oil is still king," said Mayor Annise Parker. "In fact, many of our local energy companies are also at the forefront of research and production on environmentally-friendly alternatives. Going green is creating good paying jobs for Houstonians and growing our economy."

Houston boasts an impressive list of green accomplishments. For three years in a row, it has appeared on the Environmental Protection Agency's annual "top 10 list" of US cities with the most Energy Star certified buildings. In addition, Houston has been selected as the site for Total Energy USA, an annual trade event that will assemble renewable energy, clean energy and energy-efficiency sectors in one place.

Source: City of Houston Mayoral press release, "Green Jobs" , Jul 13, 2011

We are the #1 municipal purchaser of renewable energy

Our new office of sustainability will have impacts long beyond my time in the mayor's office. Per the EPA's ranking, we are the #1 municipal purchaser of renewable energy. We are eighth in the nation in the number of LEED certified buildings, with a goal of being number one. The recent launch of our Green Office Challenge and Energy Efficiency Incentive Program, to help green our commercial building stock, will help get us there. If your companies are not participating in these programs, get on board.
Source: 2011 State of the City Speech , Apr 15, 2011

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