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Outdoor celebrations for the end of the pandemic

Once the state of emergency is officially over and our health experts tell us it's once again safe to congregate, a Yang administration would host outdoor celebrations in each borough to celebrate the end of the deadly pandemic and look toward a brighter future. In 2019, thousands gathered for a ticker tape parade to celebrate the US Women's National Team World Cup victory. Imagine the excitement of that event in every borough celebrating the end to Covid-19 while remembering those we lost.
Source: Mayoral campaign website YangForNY.com , Mar 25, 2021

Will regularly ride the subway, buses, and his bike as Mayor

The Yang administration will build and maintain a reliable and comprehensive transit network both above and below ground. As he has done for the past 25 years, Andrew will regularly ride the subway, bus and ride his bike as Mayor. We should expect a mayor to understand how most New Yorkers get around the city.
Source: Mayoral campaign website YangForNY.com , Mar 25, 2021

Impeachment: Open to pardoning Trump if elected

Q: You've suggested that you would be open to pardoning Donald Trump if you were elected.

YANG: My focus is on solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected and moving the country forward. If you look around the world, unfortunately, it's developing countries that have fallen into a pattern of the new president or the new leader prosecuting and sometimes imprisoning the former leader. That's not a precedent that's been set here in the U.S.

Source: ABC This Week 2019 interview on impeaching Trump , Dec 29, 2019

Impeachment won't solve problems that got Trump elected

I support impeachment, but we shouldn't have any illusions that impeaching Donald Trump will 1.) be successful or 2.) erase the problems that got him elected in 2016. The fact is, Donald Trump, when we're talking about him, we are losing. We need to present a new vision and that even includes talking about impeaching Donald Trump.
Source: October Democratic Primary debate on impeaching Trump , Oct 15, 2019

Not left or right, but forward

Donald Trump had a set of solutions in 2016.We're going to build a wall. We're going to turn the clock back. We're going to bring the old jobs back. America, we have to do the opposite of all of these things. We have to turn the clock forward. We have to accelerate our economy and society as quickly as possible. We have to evolve in the way we think about ourselves and our work and our value. It is not left, it is not right, it is forward.
Source: October Democratic CNN/NYTimes Primary debate , Oct 15, 2019

Let's build a forward coalition toward democracy

I am proof that our democracy still works. Democrats and Americans have one question, who can beat Donald Trump? The right candidate to beat Trump will be solving the problems that got Trump elected, and have a vision of a trickle-up economy that is already drawing thousands of disaffected Trump voters, conservatives, independents, and libertarians, as well as Democrats and progressives. I can build a much broader coalition to beat Donald Trump. It is not left; it is not right. It is forward.
Source: June Democratic Primary debate (second night in Miami) , Jun 27, 2019

Subsidize journalists to do local reporting

He plans to initiate the American Journalism Fellows, "through which reporters from each state nominated by a body of industry professions... will be give a 4-year grant of $400,000... and stationed at a local news organization with the condition that they report on issues relevant to the district during the period of their Fellowship."
Source: Townhall.com: 2020 Democratic primary "Candidate profiles" , Feb 6, 2019

2006: Founded test-prep company Manhattan GMAT

I graduated from Brown in 1996. I went to law school and became a corporate attorney in New York.

I figured I was in the wrong place after a number of months working at the law firm. I left in less than a year and cofounded a dot-com company, Stargiving, which failed spectacularly.

I went to work for a mobile software company, eventually becoming the CEO of a test-prep company, Manhattan GMAT, in 2006.

Source: Smart People Should Build Things, by Andrew Yang, p. xi , Feb 4, 2014

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