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Withdrawal of troops from Germany is special gift to Putin

A special gift to Putin and a blow to NATO: @realDonaldTrump is not playing on America's team. US to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany in move that will cost billions and take years - CNNPolitics
Source: Twitter posting @AmbassadorRice on 2020 Veepstakes , Jul 29, 2020

Fell short in Libya by failing to be engaged in aftermath

Where we fell short in Libya is that the United States working with NATO, working with Arab countries, working with the U.N., did not have sufficient focus and sustained involvement in the follow up in trying to see if we could enable the--or support the Libyans in building a unitary country. It had never been anything but a one-man show. It didn't have the institutions of state. My critique of what we did on Libya is that we failed to be as engaged as we could have been in the aftermath.
Source: Council on Foreign Relations on 2020 Veepstakes , Nov 14, 2019

Humanitarian crisis: sometimes intervene, sometimes not

What do you do in a humanitarian crisis? Humanitarian purposes can range from combating disease to intervening to try to topple a dictator or proximate threats to civilians. I think the answer in that case is each circumstance is different. Even though I'd like to be able to think that we have the capacity to act in a manner consistent with our values and principles and save human lives where we can, my conclusion is sometimes we can, at an acceptable risk and cost, and sometimes we can't.
Source: Council on Foreign Relations on 2020 Veepstakes , Nov 14, 2019

Small U.S. military presence in Syria fought ISIS threat

The reason why we had a small number - barely over a thousand U.S. troops - in Syria was not to topple the regime. It was not to get involved in the civil conflict. It was to fight a clear and present terrorist threat from ISIS. The reason why they needed to stay after ISIS had been largely debilitated but not entirely defeated is because we have seen time and again in that region what happens when you take the pressure off the terrorists. They reconstitute and come back.
Source: NPR Illinois on 2020 Maine Senate race , Oct 13, 2019

We sold out the Kurds in Syria

We have sold out the Kurds, who fought on our behalf against ISIS with our support. We provided training and advice and support to the Kurds, who were taking the fight to ISIS, quite effectively. The president's decision to pull out was more than a green light. It was a red carpet. And we have seen what the Turks have done. They're waging a relentless fight, 100,000 people displaced. And now for the administration to turn around and say, "but we really didn't mean it," strains credulity.
Source: PBS Newshour on 2020 Maine Senate race , Oct 11, 2019

Benghazi investigations became "gotcha" game

What troubles me the most is that all of these political issues -- which certainly merit investigation and they were investigated eight times by eight committees -- overshadowed the loss of these four Americans. And the focus shifted to a political "gotcha" game, rather than the fact that we had dedicated public servants who gave their lives in a terrorist attack. And the issue is how do we prevent that in the future? And what do we, what did we learn from it?
Source: National Public Radio on 2020 Maine Senate race , Oct 7, 2019

National security endangered by lack of communication

Rice argued that the National Security Principals Committee -- the Cabinet-level group led by the national security adviser and staffed by high-level officials including the secretaries of State and Defense, the attorney general and the director of National Intelligence -- is less involved in making national security decisions than it should be. "The wheels have come off the bus of the process," Rice said
Source: The Hill on 2020 Maine Senate race , Oct 6, 2019

Military should convert from conventional war to new needs

The U.S. military must convert units that are in low demand in the new security environment into unit types that are in high demand in order to reduce the most acute strains on the force. The Army is already planning to convert up to 100,000 personnel billets from low demand specialties like air defense and field artillery to high demand specialties like military police and civil affairs. Such conversions should be accelerated and their scope expanded as far as necessary.
Source: Harvard Kennedy School of Government Belfer Center analysis , Jan 1, 2006

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