Susan Rice on Free Trade



Deal with challenge from China in lockstep with allies

I think that we face a significant and urgent challenge from China, particularly in the economic realm and with respect to technology. China is poised, through its capacity and its policies, to be a major economic threat. I think we're dealing with it almost altogether wrong. To me, for the United States to be maximally effective in pressing our economic agenda with China, we ought to be doing it in lockstep with our allies and partners--the Europeans, others in Asia, Canada.

China is becoming more and more aggressive and assertive in this whole realm in trying to shut down anything that they don't like with respect to speech and democratization, human rights. They are being extremely extraterritorial about it. And they are going to punish people. My view is that the companies that are going to succeed--if they are American-based companies or originally American companies--are the ones that aren't going to take that crap, that aren't going to be intimidated.

Source: Council on Foreign Relations on 2020 Veepstakes , Nov 14, 2019

China is US's most consequential international relationship

Rice said China is our country's most consequential international relationship, one that has been threatened by President-elect Donald Trump saying he would reconsider the One China policy. "To abrogate the One China policy, or to bring it into an ancillary negotiation on an economic or trade issue would be a grave mistake. We manage our differences and our competition in a constructive fashion to avoid conflict," Rice added. "But that whole balance could be upset in a very devastating way."
Source: CBS News on Obama Cabinet , Jan 18, 2017

US beneficiary of free trade; don't cede leadership to China

The United States has been the biggest beneficiary of globalization, and free trade, and open markets. It has reinforced democratic rule in many places. It's raised living standards, and the exports are a huge basis of our economy. We would be very remiss if we ceded the mantle of leadership on free trade and economic openness to China.
Source: CBS News on 2020 Maine Senate race , Jan 18, 2017

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