Rick Perry on Abortion

Republican Governor (TX)


Require hearing fetal heartbeat & one-day waiting period

Where Rick Perry stands on key issues: As governor, Perry signed a Texas law banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, allowing exceptions to protect the life of the mother or if the fetus suffers from a "severe abnormality." The conservative politician believes life begins at conception and has said that he would ban all abortions, except in cases where the mother's life is in danger. He has supported tougher restrictions on abortion clinics and a Texas law requiring that women see a sonogram, hear the fetus' heartbeat and wait a day before they can obtain an abortion.
Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series , Jun 3, 2015

More restrictions on abortion clinics; 5-month limit

Q: On the controversial abortion bill in Texas: Your state senator Wendy Davis said that by putting out more standards for clinics it will close down about 90% of women's clinics in Texas bringing them down to 5 clinics. Doesn't that put poor women with nowhere to go?

PERRY: I don't agree with her premise and I don't agree with her numbers. This gets back to the issue of should the states be able to make these decisions or should we allow this big cumbersome federal government to decide? I believe that the federal government should allow the states to make these decisions. We put some substantial amount of money into women's health programs over the last two years. Partly because the Obama administration pulled our funding because they disagreed with Texas restrictions on these abortions. And most people in Texas certainly believe that six months is too late to be deciding whether or not these babies should be aborted or not and we put the limit at 5 months in this bill.

Source: CNN SOTU 2013 interview series: 2016 presidential hopefuls , Jul 14, 2013

Protect the unborn via sonogram requirement

Most Texans, regardless of party, believe the integrity of elections would be improved, by requiring participants to show a valid photo identification before voting. We also need to protect property ownership with tougher eminent domain laws.

We need to protect the unborn by fast-tracking the sonogram bill, so that women are fully, medically informed before they make the life-changing decision to terminate a pregnancy.

Source: 2011 Texas State of the State Address , Feb 8, 2011

The right to privacy is fictitious

The Court decided in 1963 that the people of Connecticut were unconstitutionally outlawing the sale of contraceptives, because--it imagined--in the "penumbras" of the Constitution there is a right to privacy that prohibits that policy. Penumbras? What total and complete nonsense. The justices made a policy and then made something up in the Constitution to effectuate it.

Eight years later the Court found that this "right to privacy" extends to the right of a woman to choose to terminate her pregnancy --a rather tepid euphemism for ending the life of the unborn baby. In what can only be described as an arrogant commitment to itself--an ode to its own legitimacy, if you will--the Court actually touted its self-given "authority to decide [the people's] constitutional cases and speak before all others for their constitutional ideals." I assume the Court would like us to say thank you, but I also assume that the 52 million or so unborn children who never had a shot at the American dream may beg to differ.

Source: Fed Up!, by Gov. Rick Perry, p.107-108 , Nov 15, 2010

Abortion only for rape, incest, or maternal health

Rick Perry said he believes abortion should be legal only in cases involving rape or incest or when carrying a pregnancy to term would threaten the woman’s life.
Source: Associated Press on FoxNews.com , Jun 25, 2002

Supports prohibiting human embryonic stem cell research.

Perry supports the CC survey question on banning stem-cell research

The Christian Coalition voter guide [is] one of the most powerful tools Christians have ever had to impact our society during elections. This simple tool has helped educate tens of millions of citizens across this nation as to where candidates for public office stand on key faith and family issues.

The CC survey summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: "Prohibiting human embryonic stem cell research". [Supporting this statement means the candidate would ban such research; opposing it means the candidate would allow such research].

Source: Christian Coalition Survey 10-CC-q1a on Aug 11, 2010

Opposes federal abortion funding.

Perry opposes the CC survey question on funding abortion

The Christian Coalition voter guide [is] one of the most powerful tools Christians have ever had to impact our society during elections. This simple tool has helped educate tens of millions of citizens across this nation as to where candidates for public office stand on key faith and family issues.

The CC survey summarizes candidate stances on the following topic:"Public funding of abortions, (such as govt. health benefits and Planned Parenthood)"

Source: Christian Coalition Survey 10-CC-q1b on Aug 11, 2010

Supports the Pro-life Presidential Leadership Pledge.

Perry signed the Pro-life Presidential Leadership Pledge

The Susan B. Anthony List's 2012 Pro-life Presidential Leadership Pledge asks declared presidential candidates to commit to key pro-life goals if elected to the presidency in 2012. While this is by no means a complete list of all pro-life objectives, having a President that actively supports these pro-life aims will keep up the momentum to achieve our ultimate goal of ending abortion in this country. The Pro-life pledge:

Source: Pro-life Presidential Leadership Pledge 12-SBA on Jan 1, 2012

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