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Denies that Trump undercuts US support for free elections

At his news conference, Pompeo roundly dismissed a question about whether Trump's unfounded protests have created problems for U.S. credibility. "You asked a question that is ridiculous," he responded. "This department cares deeply to make sure that elections around the world are safe and secure and free and fair, and my officers risk their lives to ensure that that happens."
Source: A.P., "Denying Biden's Victory", on Trump Cabinet , Nov 13, 2020

God blessed US to stand for religious freedom

Can anyone in this room remember a better time to be an American conservative? President Trump will never stop winning. That's what a lot of folks have been working on for a long time.

Some people look at the killing of Christians in the Middle East or Uighurs or other believers and say look, that's not our problem. But I would say--President Trump would say--yes, it's God that blessed this country as the standard bearer for religious freedom. Nations that respect this right are freer, more prosperous, more secure, more stable. President Trump has made this incredibly central to what it is we're trying to achieve.

America under President Trump means business. They know that America is a force for good. It does not mean we get it right every day but I can assure you wherever I go, working for President Trump, people tug on my sleeves, they want to meet me, they want to meet me not because I'm Mike from Kansas, but because I represent the greatest nation in the history of civilization.

Source: Remarks by the Secretary of State at 2020 CPAC Conference , Feb 28, 2020

Member of the Republican Study Committee.

Pompeo is a member of the Republican Study Committee

Organizational Self-Description: The Republican Study Committee (RSC) has served as the conservative caucus of House Republicans and a leading influencer on the Right since its original founding in 1973. It exists to bring like-minded House members together to promote a strong, principled legislative agenda that will limit government, strengthen our national defense, boost America's economy, preserve traditional values and balance our budget.

The RSC provides the tools and research that members of Congress need to craft and advance policies that will benefit the American people. It also provides a forum for like-minded members to join together to support common causes and challenge the status quo. By doing so, the RSC ensures that conservatives have a powerful voice on every issue coming before the House, whether it is the economy, health care, defense, social safety net reform, or Washington's dangerous, out-of-control spending.

We believe that the appropriate role of a limited government is to protect liberty, opportunity, and security, and that it is the responsibility of this generation to preserve them for the next. We believe that more government is the problem, not the sol

Source: Republican Study Committee press release 16-RSC on Jan 1, 2016

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