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Strongly Favors topic 1:
Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right
(+5 points on Social scale)
Protect the right to choose: Strongly Favors topic 1
Strongly Favors topic 2:
Legally require hiring women & minorities
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Increase NYC usage of minority businesses from 3% to 10%: Strongly Favors topic 2
Strongly Favors topic 3:
Comfortable with same-sex marriage
(+5 points on Social scale)
Co-sponsored the Gender Based Discrimination Protection law: Strongly Favors topic 3
No opinion on topic 4:
Keep God in the public sphere
(0 points on Social scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Strongly Favors topic 5:
Expand ObamaCare
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Wife runs ThriveNYC for mental health reform: Favors topic 5
Require measles vaccinations, even for religious schools: Strongly Favors topic 5
Everyone has a right to health care: Strongly Favors topic 5
Health care is a human right; fight for single-payer: Strongly Favors topic 5
MetroPlus: public option for every single New Yorker: Strongly Favors topic 5
Guarantee health care for every New Yorker: Strongly Favors topic 5
Recruit & train nurses without need to go overseas: Favors topic 5
Enroll 600,000 more New Yorkers in ObamaCare by 2018: Strongly Favors topic 5
Train New Yorkers to fill 16,000 nursing positions: Favors topic 5
No opinion on topic 6:
Privatize Social Security
(0 points on Economic scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Favors topic 7:
Vouchers for school choice
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Pre-K and 3-K for All: Opposes topic 7
Stop closures & develop a minimum of 100 community schools: Favors topic 7
Create an early warning system before school failures: Favors topic 7
Strongly Opposes topic 8:
Fight EPA regulatory over-reach
(+5 points on Social scale)
Ban Styrofoam in NYC; plastic straws are next: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Increase bicycling to 6% of all NYC trips by 2020: Opposes topic 8
SPARE pledge: Stop Polystyrene & Revitalize the Environment: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Strongly Opposes topic 9:
Stricter punishment reduces crime
(+5 points on Social scale)
Free phone calls for people in custody: Opposes topic 9
Eliminate cash bail: future without mass incarceration: Strongly Opposes topic 9
Fewer and fewer arrests, and crime goes down and down: Opposes topic 9
The era of mass incarceration has ended in NYC: Strongly Opposes topic 9
Worried about why blacks need to be cautious around police: Opposes topic 9
Stop-and-frisk disproportionately targets people of color: Strongly Opposes topic 9
Invest in Shot Spotter technology: audio & video on streets: Favors topic 9
Strongly Opposes topic 10:
Absolute right to gun ownership
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Wall Street for Change: campaign to support gun divestment: Strongly Opposes topic 10
Favors topic 11:
Higher taxes on the wealthy
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Keep MTA fares affordable via payroll tax: Favors topic 11
Strongly Favors topic 12:
Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens
(+5 points on Social scale)
NYC will always be the ultimate city of immigrants: Strongly Favors topic 12
Fight the inhumane detention of children at the border: Strongly Favors topic 12
Detaining Muslim travelers is simply un-American: Strongly Favors topic 12
Greater outreach and assistance to immigrant entrepreneurs: Favors topic 12
Created privately-funded the DREAM fellowship: Strongly Favors topic 12
Universal City ID for services for undocumented immigrants: Strongly Favors topic 12
No opinion on topic 13:
Support & expand free trade
(0 points on Economic scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
No opinion on topic 14:
Support American Exceptionalism
(0 points on Economic scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
No opinion on topic 15:
Expand the military
(0 points on Social scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Strongly Favors topic 16:
Make voter registration easier
(+5 points on Social scale)
Sue Board of Elections to make Early Voting easier: Strongly Favors topic 16
Same-day registration and no-excuse vote by mail: Strongly Favors topic 16
Battle corrupting influence of corporate money in politics: Favors topic 16
Citizens United is a body blow to our democracy: Strongly Favors topic 16
No opinion on topic 17:
Avoid foreign entanglements
(0 points on Social scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Strongly Favors topic 18:
Prioritize green energy
(-5 points on Economic scale)
40% reduction in emissions by 2030: Strongly Favors topic 18
NYC Green New Deal: energy-efficient buildings: Strongly Favors topic 18
Divest $5B from Big Oil; invest in renewable energy: Strongly Favors topic 18
No to fracking; yes to wind, solar, & geothermal: Strongly Favors topic 18
Opposes topic 19:
Marijuana is a gateway drug
(+2 points on Social scale)
Ban all alcohol advertising on city property: Favors topic 19
Sue Big Pharma for opioid addiction; open overdose centers: Strongly Opposes topic 19
50,000 arrests for marijuana possession unjust and wrong: Strongly Opposes topic 19
Favors topic 20:
Stimulus better than market-led recovery
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Intensify City's anti-displacement and housing affordability: Favors topic 20
Create premiere tech hubs, and create 4.5M jobs: Favors topic 20

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Gun Control
Health Care
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