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State of Missouri Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Missouri Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Angelica Earl (11)
  • Austin Petersen (18) Republican candidate for Missouri U.S. Senator Missouri
  • Bob Holden (10) Missouri Former Democratic Governor (2001-2004)
  • Catherine Hanaway (19) Missouri Republican 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Chris Koster (21) Missouri Democratic challenger for Governor
  • Claire McCaskill (2) Democratic Sr Senator; previously state Auditor Missouri
  • Eric Greitens (21) Missouri Republican 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Jason Kander (25) Democratic Senate candidate Missouri
  • Jay Nixon (24) Missouri Democratic Governor (term-limited 2016)
  • John Brunner (12) Missouri Republican 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Lester Turilli (20)
  • Matt Blunt (1) Missouri Former Republican Governor (retired 2008)
  • Nancy Farmer (9) 2004 former Democratic challenger; state Treasurer Missouri
  • Peter Kinder (14) Missouri Republican challenger for Governor
  • Robin Carnahan (11) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; Secretary of State Missouri
  • Roy Blunt (20) Republican Jr Senator Missouri
  • Sarah Steelman (5) Republican Challenger Missouri
  • Todd Akin (11) Republican Challenger Missouri
  • Tony Monetti (9) Republican candidate for Missouri U.S. Senator Missouri
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Tony Monetti: Pro-life, but support healthcare & adoption.
    Angelica Earl: Loudly, proudly pro-choice.
    Jason Kander: Supports public funding for Planned Parenthood.
    Jason Kander: Endorsed by NARAL for perfect pro-choice voting records.
    John Brunner: Fight back against judges dictating values on our churches.
    Lester Turilli: Every life is precious.
    Austin Petersen: Against abortion, but would limit government role.
    Eric Greitens: Every life is precious; defend & promote life.
    Chris Koster: Planned Parenthood didn't illegally dispose of fetal tissue.
    Peter Kinder: Investigate organizations harvesting aborted babies' parts.
    Todd Akin: Resisted stepping aside after "legitimate rape" comment.
    John Brunner: Pledges support to overthrow of Roe v. Wade.
    Sarah Steelman: Life begins at conception; consider Constitutional Amendment.
    Todd Akin: Life begins at conception; support Constitutional Amendment.
    Catherine Hanaway: Waiting periods; parental notification; & other restrictions.
    Nancy Farmer: Make abortions legally available including funding.
Budget & Economy
    Austin Petersen: Favors balanced budget amendment.
    Jason Kander: Supports federal spending to promote economic growth.
    Chris Koster: Invest $2 billion and create up to 40,000 new jobs.
    Roy Blunt: Weak economy has left far too many Missourians behind.
    Lester Turilli: Only market-led recovery leads to long-term economic growth.
    Peter Kinder: Make Missouri competitive again, by cutting spending.
    Eric Greitens: Government over-regulates, over-spends, & over-reaches.
    Jay Nixon: Missouri has earned its triple-A credit rating.
    Robin Carnahan: 2008 bank bailout helped Wall Street, not ordinary people.
    Robin Carnahan: 2008 bank bailout helped Wall Street, not ordinary people.
    Roy Blunt: Bailout ok; stimulus package a huge mistake.
    Roy Blunt: Bailout ok; stimulus package a huge mistake.
    Robin Carnahan: TARP financial bailout let banks run wild.
    Roy Blunt: TARP was a plan that worked.
    Bob Holden: Missouri is and should be fiscally conservative.
Civil Rights
    Austin Petersen: Libertarian view pro-gay marriage.
    Angelica Earl: Full equality for LGBT.
    Peter Kinder: No federal say over trans-gendered bathroom laws.
    Lester Turilli: Equal opportunity for women and minorities.
    Catherine Hanaway: Support SJR39: Religious liberty trumps gay marriage.
    Chris Koster: Oppose SJR39: gay discrimination isn't religious liberty.
    Eric Greitens: Anti-gay "religious liberty" amendment threatens jobs.
    John Brunner: Let clergy choose to decline to perform gay marriages.
    Jay Nixon: Combat employment & housing discrimination against LGBTs.
    Chris Koster: Equality and inclusion should include same-sex couples.
    Chris Koster: Gay marriage is another step toward inclusion and equality.
    Jason Kander: SCOTUS has spoken: support gay marriage nationwide.
    Jay Nixon: Same-sex marriage is a major victory for equality.
    Chris Koster: Judges can allow same-sex marriage despite voter amendment.
    Jay Nixon: Partnership for Hope: for Missourians with disabilities.
    Jason Kander: Protect GLBT employees under nondiscrimination policy.
    Claire McCaskill: FactCheck: Akin's female staff are not paid as much as men.
    Todd Akin: No policy to pay female staff less than men (but he does).
    Claire McCaskill: Women shouldn't get paid less simply because they're women.
    Todd Akin: Women's pay should be left to discretion of employers.
    Catherine Hanaway: No affirmative action in state employment or contracting.
    Catherine Hanaway: No same-sex marriage; no gay hate crime laws.
    Nancy Farmer: Prosecute discrimination and fund desegregation.
    Nancy Farmer: Recognize same-sex marriages.
    Jason Kander: Close tax loopholes for companies that send jobs overseas.
    John Brunner: Served as CEO of personal care products manufacturer.
    Peter Kinder: Work together to try and make the stimulus work for Missouri.
    Tony Monetti: Stronger emphasis on policing.
    Austin Petersen: End mandatory minimums.
    Angelica Earl: Prison not the solution for victimless crimes.
    Eric Greitens: Fight Ferguson Effect with Blue Alert to empower police.
    Jason Kander: End school-to-prison pipeline.
    Lester Turilli: Stricter punishment does not always deter crimeˇ.
    Eric Greitens: Get first responders needed training, equipment, & support.
    Chris Koster: Deliver justice to those who break our laws.
    Peter Kinder: Preserve law & order, even when there are riots & looting.
    Jay Nixon: More DWI arrests save more lives.
    Bob Holden: Lower drunk driving limit to .08.
    Catherine Hanaway: No parole for repeat felons; yes on death penalty.
    Nancy Farmer: No death penalty, more community policing.
    Nancy Farmer: Mandatory sentencing, but fund rehabilitation & alternatives.
    Austin Petersen: My ideal: gay couple defends pot farm with machine gun.
    Austin Petersen: Treat drugs as medical issue, not criminal.
    Angelica Earl: End marijuana prohibition.
    Jason Kander: Supports medical marijuana.
    Roy Blunt: Don't decriminalize marijuana federally, but let states try.
    Lester Turilli: Opium is a dangerousˇepidemicˇˇ.
    Eric Greitens: Supports legalizing medical marijuana for kids with epilepsy.
    John Brunner: Open to more research about marijuana, nut not legalization.
    Peter Kinder: Supports legalizing medical marijuana under a doctor's order.
    Chris Koster: Helping meth cooks get ingredients leads to jail.
    Jay Nixon: Drug testing for welfare recipients.
    Jason Kander: Drug testing for welfare recipients.
    Catherine Hanaway: Stricter penalties for drug crimes, but rehab too.
    Catherine Hanaway: Strengthen sentences for drug-related crimes.
    Austin Petersen: Open to experiment with school choice.
    Angelica Earl: More money for schools, less debt for students.
    Chris Koster: Increase our investment in education.
    John Brunner: Reject federal Common Core standards.
    Lester Turilli: Let local school districts responsibly determine curriculum.
    Jay Nixon: Affordable tuition is highest priority.
    Jay Nixon: Fund public schools, don't develop voucher schemes.
    Eric Greitens: Strongly oppose Common Core; no bureaucrats in charge.
    Chris Koster: 2007: Left GOP to support high-quality public schools.
    Peter Kinder: Fight for school choice & charter schools.
    Jay Nixon: Increase education funding by $150 million.
    Jay Nixon: A+ scholarships: community college for every high schooler.
    Jason Kander: Expand charter schools to cities & poor-performing districts.
    Jason Kander: Expand charter schools, plus more sponsorship options.
    Jay Nixon: Allow expanding charter schools to poor-performing districts.
    Sarah Steelman: More competition in college loans; end federal monopoly.
    Todd Akin: Federal government should be out of the student loan market.
    Bob Holden: More resources for student and teachers.
    Bob Holden: Cash incentive for National Board Certification for teachers.
    Bob Holden: Provide parents with school accountability report cards.
    Catherine Hanaway: State-funded vouchers for public & private schools.
    Nancy Farmer: Supports charter schools and privately-run schools.
Energy & Oil
    Angelica Earl: Coal is the past; time to move forward.
    Lester Turilli: Clean coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, AND solar.
    Jason Kander: Climate change is a real consequence of human activity.
    Chris Koster: New EPA regulations on CO2 emissions are federal overreach.
    Jay Nixon: Nuclear power provides reliable, affordable energy.
    Peter Kinder: The world has embraced renewable energy; this is the future.
    Lester Turilli: EPA has grown too large.
    Jason Kander: Protect our state's air & water for future generations.
    Peter Kinder: The EPA should respect the limits set by Congress.
    Eric Greitens: EPA overreach hurts family farms.
    Chris Koster: Sue the EPA for over-expanding Clean Water Act.
    Jay Nixon: State Parks Youth Corps: employ kids in state parks.
    Robin Carnahan: Brother's $107M wind project created 1000s of jobs statewide.
    Robin Carnahan: Brother's $107M wind project created 1000s of jobs statewide.
    Catherine Hanaway: Self-audits for pollution instead of federal regulation.
    Catherine Hanaway: Self-audits and cost analyses instead of federal regulations.
Families & Children
    Angelica Earl: Guaranteed family leave.
    Eric Greitens: Let parents decide how to spend special needs funding.
    Lester Turilli: Encourage fathers to lead their families by example.
    Jay Nixon: We need childcare and parental leave.
    Jay Nixon: Made insurance cover therapy for autism.
    Catherine Hanaway: Children before marriage has impoverished women & children.
    Bob Holden: $3M for more local domestic violence shelters.
Foreign Policy
    Jason Kander: Supports Iranian nuclear deal.
    Roy Blunt: Friends no longer trust us; our enemies aren't afraid of us.
    Lester Turilli: We are inherently different from other nationsˇ.
Free Trade
    Austin Petersen: Free trade is what America is about.
    Jason Kander: Let farmers sell to Cuba: a billion dollar industry.
    Lester Turilli: Too often, we are short-changed on international trade.
    Jason Kander: Trans-Pacific Partnership should not be fast-tracked.
Government Reform
    Tony Monetti: Cut spending, waste, needless regulation.
    Tony Monetti: Term limits for senators.
    Tony Monetti: Preserve separation of church and state.
    Eric Greitens: Cut red tape, cut back regulations.
    John Brunner: Eliminate inefficient, outdated and ineffective programs.
    Lester Turilli: The right to vote should be quick and uncumbersome.
    Eric Greitens: Ban gifts from lobbyists; close revolving door; limit terms.
    Jason Kander: OpEd AdWatch: "Pandering Panda" caters to lobbyists.
    Jason Kander: FactCheck: Has more MO donors & less PAC money than opponent.
    Jay Nixon: Re-institute strict campaign contribution limits.
    Todd Akin: Get rid of Departments of Energy, Education and Commerce.
    Todd Akin: Reversing 17th Amendment gives power back o the states.
    Todd Akin: Denounces intrusive government regulations and ObamaCare.
    Robin Carnahan: Pledges to not seek earmarks if elected.
    Roy Blunt: Took $200K from lobbyists for 2010; tops among House members.
    Roy Blunt: Carnahan's $107M wind energy project created only 16 jobs.
    Roy Blunt: Took $200K from lobbyists for 2010; tops among House members.
    Roy Blunt: Ban earmark requests, but only for this year.
    Matt Blunt: Eliminate campaign donation disclosure for small town races.
    Chris Koster: Eliminate campaign donation disclosure for small town races.
    Catherine Hanaway: No term limits; but yes to state campaign funding.
    Catherine Hanaway: Supports term limits but not contribution limits.
    Catherine Hanaway: No campaign spending limits; no state funding of campaigns.
Gun Control
    Austin Petersen: My ideal: gay couple defends pot farm with machine gun.
    Tony Monetti: Gun ownership is a guaranteed right.
    Austin Petersen: Petersen raffles off an AR-15.
    Jason Kander: Support 2nd amendment rights AND background checks.
    Chris Koster: Endorsed by NRA; overrode veto of gun rights.
    Eric Greitens: Protect our freedoms, including the Second Amendment.
    Catherine Hanaway: Right to bear arms differentiates America as a free nation.
    Lester Turilli: Constitution is clear, so just encourage responsibility.
    Eric Greitens: Defend right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms.
    Peter Kinder: Led fight to pass right to carry law.
    Chris Koster: Supported voter amendment on right to bear arms.
    Jason Kander: Keep restrictions for concealed carry; don't loosen them.
    Nancy Farmer: Supports assault weapon ban and other restrictions.
Health Care
    Tony Monetti: Replace ObamaCare with free market.
    Austin Petersen: Marketplace will solve healthcare issues.
    Angelica Earl: Supports universal healthcare.
    Angelica Earl: Corporate taxes should pay for single payer.
    John Brunner: Spur competition instead of ObamaCare.
    Chris Koster: Closed "tobacco loophole": $50M more in cigarette settlement.
    Lester Turilli: Loopholes in ObamaCare strain our citizens.
    Roy Blunt: Reduce costs & improve care, but repeal ObamaCare.
    Peter Kinder: Led lawsuit by 21 states against ObamaCare.
    Chris Koster: ObamaCare generates jobs as well as cuts healthcare costs.
    Chris Koster: Expanding Medicaid provides immediate fiscal stimulus.
    Jay Nixon: $10M for more services in community mental health centers.
    Sarah Steelman: End intrusive regulations; repeal ObamaCare.
    Robin Carnahan: Repeal Congress' healthcare if you want to repeal ObamaCare.
    Roy Blunt: Medical liability reform would reduce cost of health care.
    Roy Blunt: Missourians know ObamaCare won't work.
    Robin Carnahan: To repeal ObamaCare, repeal Congress plan first.
    Roy Blunt: Limit health costs by limiting medical malpractice liability.
    Bob Holden: Use tobacco settlement to pay for senior prescriptions.
    Bob Holden: Healthy Families Initiative: health care access for all.
    Catherine Hanaway: Supports tort reform; oppose state-run healthcare.
    Nancy Farmer: Citizens have access to basic health care.
Homeland Security
    Austin Petersen: Audit the Defense Department.
    Tony Monetti: Invest in training & equipment.
    Jason Kander: The U.S. can't tolerate cowardly acts of terrorism.
    Lester Turilli: Military strength detersˇforeign conflict & domestic attack.
    Peter Kinder: Keep Guantanamo open; terrorists are not typical criminals.
    Roy Blunt: FactCheck: Did not disclose student deferment from Vietnam.
    Eric Greitens: Make Missouri the best state in America for veterans.
    Jay Nixon: Show-Me Heroes: jobs waiting for returning vets.
    Roy Blunt: Amended defense bill for company donating $20,000.
    Austin Petersen: Problem is welfare state incentive, not immigration.
    Eric Greitens: Gave examples of Muslim immigration that has been positive.
    Lester Turilli: Supports immigration with more extensive background checks.
    Catherine Hanaway: Work against improper enforcement of our immigration laws.
    Peter Kinder: Ask to halt immigration of Syrians to Missouri.
    Jason Kander: Agree with Obama immigration plan, but not executive action.
    Todd Akin: Illegal immigrants receiving benefits is unacceptable.
    John Brunner: Citizenship for veterans; but not for college grads.
    Sarah Steelman: Take away all the incentives that are attracting illegals.
    Chris Koster: Strengthen laws against hiring illegal aliens.
    Austin Petersen: Cut regulations for more jobs.
    Angelica Earl: Unions protect workers.
    Angelica Earl: Raise minimum wage.
    Eric Greitens: Right to work: Allow workers to opt out of joining a union.
    Jay Nixon: Blocked "right-to-work" laws; enforce union organizing.
    Eric Greitens: Right to Work instead of Project Labor Agreements.
    Chris Koster: Right-to-work is an attack on working people.
    Bob Holden: Invest in life sciences to apply farm products.
Local Issues
    Jay Nixon: Government's role is to help rebuild disasters like Joplin.
Principles & Values
    Austin Petersen: Though agnostic, stands for religious freedom.
    Lester Turilli: We live in a nation founded on Christian freedom.
    Peter Kinder: Amend constitution to protect religious liberties.
    Eric Greitens: Protect the religious liberties of all Missourians.
    John Brunner: Lost 2012 primary to Todd Akin, who then lost Senate race.
    Jay Nixon: Our legacy is measured by lasting impact on our communities.
    Sarah Steelman: Elected officials are trustees of the people.
    Todd Akin: I'm no career politician; I left a safe district.
    Todd Akin: Experienced conservative voice in Congress.
    Robin Carnahan: Rep. Blunt is an insider Congressman.
    Roy Blunt: Married a lobbyist for tobacco giant Phillip Morris.
Social Security
    Austin Petersen: Let young people opt out of Social Security.
    Lester Turilli: Privatization poses more problems than it solves.
    John Brunner: Gradually raise the Social Security retirement age.
    Robin Carnahan: Accuses opponent of voting to privatize.
    Jay Nixon: Establish contributory retirement system for state employees.
    Jason Kander: Establish contributory retirement system for state employees.
Tax Reform
    Austin Petersen: 15% flat tax across the board.
    Lester Turilli: Freeze state income tax; but Jesus paid His taxes.
    Eric Greitens: Simplify the tax code; close special interest loopholes.
    Chris Koster: Cut personal income tax, capital gains, and tax on dividends.
    Jay Nixon: Remove tax credits which are bad returns on investment.
    Bob Holden: $2B in tax relief in last 6 years; now tighten our belts.
    Catherine Hanaway: Decrease income taxes & corporate taxes; support flat tax.
    Nancy Farmer: Opposes flat-tax structure and majority vote on taxes.
    Tony Monetti: Investment in infrastructure means jobs.
    Eric Greitens: Replace 1959 COBOL systems with online government.
    Roy Blunt: Americans have been too willing to share their personal data.
    Jay Nixon: MoBroadbandNow: Bring broadband to every corner of our state.
War & Peace
    Austin Petersen: No foreign actions without Congress's okay.
    Lester Turilli: Don't engage in traditional military predicaments overseas.
    Jason Kander: Iraq War was a huge strategic error, and I said so then.
    Jason Kander: Engage ISIS, including ground troops as a last resort.
    Roy Blunt: Iran deal lets the nuclear genie out of the bottle.
    Robin Carnahan: No date for Afghan withdrawal, but no open-ended commitment.
    Roy Blunt: Huge mistake to announce date for Afghan withdrawal.
Welfare & Poverty
    John Brunner: Make welfare temporary, not permanent.
    Eric Greitens: Current welfare system is broken; it traps people in poverty.
    Catherine Hanaway: Limit welfare benefits when recipients have more kids.

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