Recall debate with Arnold Schwarzenegger: on Budget & Economy

Arianna Huffington: Gloom and doom statistics are hurting California

In 2002, there was an increase in business in the state of 3.7%. This state right now is taxed at a lower rate than when Pete Wilson was governor. The gloom and doom statistics about businesses leaving are simply a perpetuation of the Republican idea that if you simply do everything businesses want, if you simply let them have all the loopholes they want, then all will be well. And we saw in the 90s that was not the case. We ended up with Enron, Global Crossing and billions of dollars lost in shareholder wealth and in pensions. And I would really like you to tell the people the truth, because these illusions are simply hurting us.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento

Arnold Schwarzenegger: California is overregulated

We have the worst economic atmosphere, the worst business atmosphere in California. And what we see is because of the businesses are leaving the state and jobs are leaving the state, and we're having the highest workers' compensation costs. We have the highest energy costs here. We have the worst business money management. We have the worst credit rating. We have all of those things that drive businesses away. And we are overregulated, overtaxed and overburdening our businesses.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Bring business back to bring jobs back

We have the worst business climate right now anywhere in the nation. And I think that this is what drives businesses and jobs out of the state and I think we have to reverse that. Because the only way that we can pay off our inherited debt, which experts are now saying is between $12 billion and $20 billion, and deal with the current operating deficit is by bringing businesses back because if we bring businesses back, then we bring jobs back. When we bring jobs back and the economy is booming, then we create more revenue and then we can afford some of the programs and pay off the debt, which is very important, because we're not going to get any more credit now the way things are going right now.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento

Peter Camejo: Wealthiest should be taxed at the same rate as others

The average person in California is paying about 9.2% of the income in taxes. The wealthiest 1% pay 7.2%. If we just had the wealthiest 5% that receive all of the advantages of the great rise in the economy over the last 10 years, their income rose 113%. Your income rose 8%. Latinos actually declined 3%. If they were taxed at the same rate that you pay, we would now have a surplus in the budget.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento

Peter Camejo: Audit is needed for responsible government spending

We're 27th in education and we're number one in the nation in economy. I'm calling for a five-year audit. I want a five audit to find out how we had a $30 billion surplus turn into a $38 billion deficit. I think we don't know for sure. Some good things were done. More money put in to give teachers a higher pay. Some steps were made in taking care of our infrastructure. We don't want to go back on that. But it was done irresponsibly.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento

Tom McClintock: Job loss because other states have more favorable conditions

We've had a net loss of nearly a third of a million job in the last 2-1/2 years. We've had the first net-out migration of domestic population in our state's history. And a lot of that is going to AZ and NV. When Fidelity National announced they were leaving for Jacksonville FL their CEO had taken 400 jobs with him. Their CEO was quoted on local TV, he said, this wasn't a complicated decision. In Florida, there is no income tax. The sales tax is 6%. It costs $40 to register your car.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento

Tom McClintock: State spending increasing faster than revenue increase

We are not suffering a revenue problem. In the last four years, our inflation and population combined grown 21%. Our revenues up 25%. That's after the dot-com collapse, after the car tax was trimmed, after the state's revenues was plunged. We're still taking in significantly more revenue than inflation and population. The problem is we have a 38% increase in state spending in that same period of time, and we have not gotten a 38% increase in highway construction or school construction or anything. We're paying through the nose for this government to provide. And not hard to find waste in a system that produces as little as California and costs as much. If we restored to California government the same freedom that every family and business has to shop around for the best service at the lowest price, there's about $9 billion in savings across all departments from that one reform alone.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento

  • The above quotations are from Recall Debate, California State University at Sacramento
    The only debate appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger..
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