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Greg Abbott: Reform Child Protective System or more children will die

The primary goal of government is to keep its citizens safe and secure. That goal is even more important when it comes to our children. You will cast thousands of votes this session. Few will involve life or death decisions. Your vote on CPS is one of them. Last year, more than 100 children died in our Child Protective System. You can vote to end that. We can reform the system so that no more children die in it.

We need more workers, with better training, smarter strategies and real accountability to safeguard our children. While improving child safety in CPS, we must also remain vigilant in protecting parental rights. We must remember that the best place for a child, if at all possible, is with their parents. We also need to develop a Network of Nurture. We need a legion of families in every county who can open their homes and open their hearts to fostering our vulnerable children. Do not underfund this rickety system only to have it come back and haunt you.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Texas Legislature Jan 31, 2017

Marco Rubio: Hispanic values: Burning desire that kids have it better

We have to move past this idea that the Hispanic community only cares about immigration. It's an important issue because we know and love people that have been impacted by it. But, I'm going to tell you that the most powerful sentiment in the Hispanic community, as it is in every immigrant community, is the burning desire to leave your children better off than yourself and, you can only do that through free enterprise.
Source: 2016 CNN-Telemundo Republican debate on eve of Texas primary Feb 25, 2016

Ted Cruz: Hispanic values: faith, family & patriotism

The values in our [Hispanic] community are faith, family, patriotism. I campaigned the same here in Houston or Dallas as I did in the Rio Grande Valley, defending conservative principles, telling my father's story of coming to America with $100 dollars in his underwear, not speaking English, washing dishes, having hopes and dreams for the American dream.
Source: 2016 CNN-Telemundo Republican debate on eve of Texas primary Feb 25, 2016

Rick Perry: Let foster teens act as their own medical consenters

Gov. Perry today ceremonially signed House Bills 915 and 1227, which help improve the care children receive in Texas' foster care system. Perry said. "I am proud to be able to sign legislation that ensures we continue to provide a safe and caring foster care system for these vulnerable Texans."

HB 915 monitors psychotropic medicine for foster children in Texas. The bill gives children in the foster care system the opportunity to provide an opinion on their medical care, allows foster care youth at the age of 16 and older to act as their own medical consenter, and increases the youth and medical consenter's awareness of side-effects and alternatives to prescribed psychotropic medicine.

HB 1227 gives court appointed special advocates, or CASA volunteers, better access to foster child's information. Currently, the CASA volunteer must stay inside the child protective services office to access any information. This bill will lay the foundation to create an internet information system.

Source: Houston News on Texas Voting Records for HB915 and HB1227 May 29, 2013

Ron Paul: Let parents decide on mental health screening for kids

Every parent in America should be made aware of a presidential initiative called the “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.” This commission issued a report last year calling for the mandatory mental health screening of American schoolchildren, meaning millions of kids will be forced to undergo psychiatric screening whether their parents consent or not. At issue is the fundamental right of parents to decide what medical treatment is appropriate for their children.

Forced mental health screening simply has no place in a free or decent society. The government does not own you or your kids, and it has no legitimate authority to interfere in your family’s intimate health matters. Psychiatric diagnoses are inherently subjective, and the drugs regularly prescribed produce serious side effects, especially in children’s developing brains. The bottom line is that mental health issues are a matter for parents, children, and their doctors, not government.

Source: Weekly column, “Texas Straight Talk” Jan 31, 2005

George W. Bush: More daycare funds; caseworkers; “Second Chance” homes

Source: “1999 Texas Legislative Record” Jun 25, 1999

Paul Sadler: Supports abstinence education in schools

Source: Texas State 1998 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

George W. Bush: Teach kids right (abstinence) and wrong (drugs & gangs)

We must teach our children right from wrong. We live in a culture of moral indifference, where movies and videos glamorize violence and tolerance is touted as a great virtue. Respect for other ideas must not be confused with tolerance of actions that are harmful. There are right choices in life and wrong choices. We must teach our children to say no to drugs & alcohol, no to violence & gangs and yes to staying in school, yes to making healthy choices and yes to abstaining from sex until marriage.
Source: Powell Lecture Series, Texas A&M Univ. Apr 6, 1998

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