State of Colorado Archives: on Budget & Economy

Mike Johnston: Government can help business and improve workplace

Mike sponsored legislation that founded the Jumpstart program, bringing economic development to rural regions by encouraging the growth and expansion of companies in these rural districts. Mike championed legislation providing for pregnancy accommodations to employees. He also established the Wage Protection Act for individuals to contest claims of wage theft.
Source: 2018 Colorado Governor website Sep 1, 2017

George Brauchler: Requested pay cut & budget cut as County Commissioner

Requested that the Boards of County Commissioners cut my salary to the lowest in Colorado, despite responsibility for the largest office in the most populous jurisdiction. Although our caseload has increased significantly, the office budget grew less than the budgets of the State of Colorado, the Public Defender's Office, the Attorney General's Office, the Treasurer's Office and the District Attorneys' Offices in Denver, Boulder and others.
Source: 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial campaign website Jul 12, 2017

Victor Mitchell: To save jobs, we must halt any kind of tax increase

Feeling he could accomplish more for Colorado and the business community outside the legislature, he turned his attention to founding an organization, Save Colorado Jobs, that lead the statewide campaign to defeat Prop 103 in 2011, a ballot measure that would have increased both the state income and sales tax rates, and been the largest tax increase in Colorado's history.
Source: 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial campaign website Jul 2, 2017

Victor Mitchell: In an over regulated Colorado, regulations need to be cut

Colorado has become horribly over regulated, on day one I plan to bring in a team of the smartest best brightest people who work in private industry here in Colorado. And those people are gonna be tasked with one thing which is to go through all our regulations and determine which ones can either be cut entirely or need to be materially modified. This is very important because this is stifling innovation and this is stifling the ability for young people to take on vocational carriers.
Source: 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial campaign website Jul 2, 2017

Victor Mitchell: Cutting regulations will promote small businesses

Mitchell loaned his campaign $3 million to get started, but he's vague about where he'll get the donors to pay that back to himself, plus millions more he would need to make it to Election Day. Mitchell said, "We've put in $3 million; hopefully it gets paid back, but if it doesn't, it's not the end of the world. It's a down payment on the future of Colorado. Obviously, I'm not a Bush. I'm not a Romney. I wasn't born on third base. I'm a self-made guy, and I love this state." [Mitchell's opponent state Treasurer Walker] Stapleton is a cousin to the Bush White House families. Pressed on the subject, Mitchell said he didn't vote for Donald Trump, his party's nominee. He instead cast a ballot for Evan McMullin, the independent candidate. Mitchell said his governing priorities include "dramatically cutting all our regulations" and promoting entrepreneurship.
Source: on 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial race Jun 13, 2017

Doug Robinson: Problems should be fixed by spending less, not raising taxes

When it comes to major state issues, Robinson said the state's roads need a major fix--but he opposes a statewide sales tax hike put forward by his own party's legislative leaders. Instead, he believes the state can find money in the existing budget-- a move Democratic lawmakers suggest would lead to significant cuts in education, public safety and health care. "Our budget is a mess," he said. "I fundamentally think we don't have a revenue problem--we have a spending problem."
Source: Denver Post on 2018 Colorado gubernatorial race Apr 25, 2017

Doug Robinson: Use our budget more effectively, instead of raising taxes

Q: What do you want to do about Colorado's budget?

A: Many people say we need to raise taxes, we need to have more resources. And as I've studied this, Colorado spends more per capita than almost all of our surrounding states. Wyoming is an exception, because of their small population and their industries and so forth. But to me, it's not that our state budget isn't big enough. It's looking at how we're spending it.

Source: on 2018 Colorado gubernatorial race Apr 25, 2017

Cary Kennedy: Balanced budget after citizens vote on taxes

When I was CFO in Denver, Denver was recognized as one of the best financially run cities in the country. And also, Forbes, for the first time, recognized Denver as the number-one city in the country to do business. I worked with the mayor and worked with local businesses to streamline our taxes, to ensure that they have the opportunity to be more successful, to be competitive. So keeping our taxes low is something that's important to me, and it will be important to me as governor--making sure we have our budget balanced. Our citizens have the final say, and I support the right of our citizens to vote on taxes. But we also need to make sure that we have a budget that allows us to make the investment in our communities that pays long-term returns on those investments. That's investing in education, and it also allows us to invest in modern infrastructure that allows us to keep up with the demands of a growing economy.
Source: on 2018 Colorado gubernatorial race Mar 30, 2017

Ryan Frazier: Pro-job growth, pro-balanced budget, & pro-worker

Washington DC has been more focused on the game instead of working for the people & protecting our great nation's future. When Washington has lost focus on our priorities as well as its purpose... it's time to take a stand!

We can be better, we can do better, and the road forward is to reignite the American spirit. Our very livelihoods depend on it.

Our way is through each of us doing our part by climbing past life's difficulties with opportunity to make a life for our families and ourselves. You know best how to live your life; I know best how to live mine. Our government's role is to uphold our constitution, and provide equal protections and access to opportunity under the law.

I'm pro-job growth, pro-balanced budget, and pro-worker. Common sense and a straightforward approach is part of the fabric of America's progress. It's well overdue for real fiscal responsibility and accountability all while having a balanced budget that stops the run-away federal debt that exceeds $19 trillion

Source: 2016 Colorado Senate campaign website Feb 3, 2016

Tim Neville: Stop robbing from future generations

It's time to stop robbing from future generations. With our nation approaching $19 TRILLION in debt, government must learn to live within its means. I believe that if businesses and families have to cut spending when they have less money, so should state government. If elected to the U.S. Senate, I will never vote for an unbalanced budget, and will lead the fight to slash federal spending.
Source: 2016 Colorado Senate campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

John Hickenlooper: Increase budget reserves; extend job-creation tax credit

The governor used the annual address to make 19 different "asks" of lawmakers. The governor will support legislation and seek approval from the General Assembly this year to: