State of Alaska Archives: on Welfare & Poverty

Mike Dunleavy: Alaska has gone from hand-up to a handout welfare state

I hear from Alaskans who don't understand how we can be the richest state in the nation of natural resources, yet be one of two states in recession. I hear from Alaskans who were told there would be no need to impose taxes or take their PFD, yet that is what is occurring. Alaskans have watched Alaska transform from a state where one could make an incredible living into a welfare state where a handout has replaced a hand up. If we want to turn our state around, we need a new person in office.
Source: Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman on 2018 Alaska gubernatorial race May 10, 2018

Bill Walker: Unacceptable that so many Alaskans wake up in a cold house

Reducing energy costs across Alaska is one of the highest priorities for my administration. We are the most energy-rich state in the nation. God has blessed us with almost limitless resources. It is unacceptable that so many fellow Alaskans wake up each morning in a cold house, as I did growing up in rural Alaska.

If Alaska was a country, we'd be among the top eight energy producers in the world and yet we have the highest cost of energy in the nation. We can and must do better.

This administration has made it a priority to reduce energy costs at state-owned and public buildings, including schools. Increasing energy efficiency will allow state dollars to be better concentrated on the services provided.

Every growing economy in the world has one thing in common, and that is low-cost energy. This administration will not rest until Alaska is squarely on the road to becoming an economic powerhouse thanks to low-cost energy that will bolster and diversify our economy.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 Alaska Legislature Jan 22, 2015

Joe Miller: Eliminate federal welfare; implement federal hiring freeze