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Marijuana isn't like heroin, but let states decide

Q: Marijuana is currently classified in the top category of the most dangerous drugs in the country, alongside heroin and LSD. Last week scientists at the FDA said that marijuana should be moved to a much lower risk classification. Would you support that?

HALEY: I mean, I think I'll go with the scientists on that. I think it's obviously not in the same class as heroin. But I also think when you're looking at the legalization of this, I want states to be able to decide that. That's something that should be as close to the people as possible. Some states are all for it and want to see that happen, and some states want nothing to do with it. But I do think that should be a state decision on whether they legalize it or not.

Source: CNN Town Hall: interviews of 2024 presidential candidates , Jan 18, 2024

We'll send special operations in to take out drug cartels

Nikki Haley: We'll send special operations in to take out the cartels. We need to go to where they're distributing it, where the supply centers are and take them out. We'll put 25,000 more Border Patrol and ICE agents on the ground and let them do their job. We will defund sanctuary cities. We will go back to the Remain in Mexico policy so that everybody stays in Mexico and they never get here in the first place.
Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami , Nov 8, 2023

Special Operations against Mexican & Chinese drug cartels

Q: Mexico's president called those who support sending U.S. military into his country "scoundrels." You say you will send special operations to attack the cartels in Mexico?

HALEY: Special operations is how we deal with our terrorists. Mexico's not being a good partner if they're letting the cartels get away with what they're getting away with. We will send in our special operations and we will take out the cartels; we'll take out their operations; we'll take out anything that's doing it.

But we're going to go after China because China is the one sending the Fentanyl in the first place. And we will end all normal trade relations until China stops sending Fentanyl. And then we'll do the special operations and we'll get it from both sides. This is where President Trump went wrong. He focused on trade with China. We need to start focusing on what keeps Americans safe. As your president, I will make sure every American is safe, and we'll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley , Sep 27, 2023

Vetoed additional licensure for drug treatment facilities

AN ACT relating to definitions of the state certification of need and health care facility act, so as to revise the definition of health care facility; relating to Narcotics Addiction Treatment Facilities.

Veto Letter from Gov. Haley: I am vetoing this bill because I believe the Certificate of Need program create unnecessary regulation for the healthcare market. The CON process allows government to ration care, stifle competition in the medical field, and pick which facilities and practices are allowed to succeed. While I understand that this bill is designed in-part to control the growth of treatment facilities that distribute controlled substances, these facilities are already highly regulated & do not need additional licensure.

Legislative outcome:Bill passed Senate 31-11-0 on March 24; bill passed House 94-0-30 on May 4; vetoed by Governor Haley on May 23; Veto overridden, law took effect 6/15/2011.

Source: South Carolina legislative voting record S.0232 / Act #0061 , Mar 24, 2011

Nikki Haley on Q

Fentanyl via northern border too; create addiction centers

You go to a town hall, and they will tell you everything. I will give you an example. I had this woman come up to me, and she said: "My son died of fentanyl; I need to know that that meant something."

What I have found out from New Hampshire is, we don't talk enough about the northern border. The southern border is in terrible shape, but 500 people on the terrorist watch list, have come through the northern border. You look at the fentanyl and all that. I learned that from [New Hampshire], because you have been affected by it every day.

America refuses to deal with addictions, which we have to deal with. And there are answers to this. Let's release [federal] resources, so that every state can do what they need to, to get the mental health facilities that we need to have in our states, to have the addiction centers.

Source: CNN Town Hall: interviews of 2024 presidential candidates , Jan 18, 2024

Rated C- by NORML, indicating a "hard-on-drugs" stance.

Haley scores C- by the NORML on drug reform

OnTheIssues.org interprets the 2016 NORML scores as follows:

About NORML (from their website, www.norml.org):

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law`s mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to achieve the repeal of marijuana prohibition so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty.

NORML is a nonprofit, public-interest lobby that for more than 30 years has provided a voice for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition. We represent the interests of the tens of millions of Americans who smoke marijuana responsibly and believe the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana should no longer be a crime.

NORML supports the removal of all criminal penalties for the private possession & responsible use of marijuana by adults, including the cultivation for personal use, and the casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts. This model is called `decriminalization.`

NORML additionally supports the development of a legally controlled market for marijuana, where consumers could purchase it from a safe, legal and regulated source. This model is referred to as `legalization.`

NORML believes that marijuana smoking is not for kids and should only be used responsibly by adults. As with alcohol consumption, it must never be an excuse for misconduct or other bad behavior. Driving or operating heavy equipment while impaired from marijuana should be prohibited.

NORML strongly supports the right of patients to use marijuana as a medicine when their physician recommends it to relieve pain and suffering.

Lastly, NORML supports the right of farmers to commercially cultivate hemp for industrial purposes, such as food and fiber production.

Source: NORML website 16_NORML on Nov 8, 2016

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