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Outsider in the White House,
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American Dreams,
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Taking a Stand,
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A Time for Truth,
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One Nation,
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Trump/Pence vs. Clinton/Kaine On the Issues ,
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Living History ,
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Between Hope and History ,
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In Harm’s Way ,
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Democrat vs. Republican vs. Green vs. Libertarian,
Four Party's Presidential Nominees On The Issues (2016)
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2018 New York Senate race: debates and news coverage

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    from 2018 NY Senate race (number of quotes indicated):
  • Charles Schumer (1) Democratic Sr Senator New York
  • Chele Farley (14) Republican candidate for senator from New York New York
  • Dave Webber (9) Republican Candidate for New York U.S. Senator New York
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (4) Democratic Jr Senator New York
  • Scott Noren (8) Democratic candidate for senator from New York New York
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    New York 2018 Senatorial debates and race coverage:
  • ABC-7 Eyewitness News, “Gillibrand, Farley face off in Senate debate,” October 25, 2018
  • The Journal News, "Deadly deliveries up in NY," by David Robinson, Aug. 28, 2018
  • Independent Journal Review, "Dem Senator 'Confused' After ICE Official Explains," by Julio Rosas, Jul 31, 2018
  • Breitbart News, "Farley: Get MS-13 'Monsters' Out of New York," by Aaron Klein, May 28, 2018
  • The Auburn Citizen, auburnpub.com, "Farley endorsed by Reform Party," by Robert Harding, May 26, 2018
  • Buffalo News, "Farley brings Senate campaign against Gillibrand to Buffalo," by Robert J. McCarthy, May 17, 2018
  • The Auburn Citizen, "Rep. Elise Stefanik endorses Chele Farley for Senate," by Robert Harding, March 28, 2018
  • ArtVoice.com, "Chele Farley Chastises Senator Gillibrand Over NY's Donor State Status," March 13, 2018
  • City and State NY (e-zine), "Gillibrand talks Trump's tweets and sexual harassment," by Grace Segers, Feb. 5, 2018
  • Times-Union, "Businesswoman Chele Farley to challenge Gillibrand," by Casey Seiler, February 1, 2018
  • PR Newswire.com, "Noren Announces Occupation of Time Warner Cable," press release from Noren For Senate, Feb. 10, 2012
  • Patch.com, "Q&A with U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Scott Noren," by Krista Madsen, June 14, 2012

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Budget & Economy
    Charles Schumer: Measure distribution of growth, not just overall GDP growth.
    Chele Farley: NY can no longer afford to be a donor state; keep money here.
    Scott Noren: Real way to build economy is by making SBA loans available.
    Scott Noren: Incarcerate criminals but sentences should reflect the crime.
    Chele Farley: Convicted murderers/rapists should lose voting rights.
    Scott Noren: Opioid solutions are not working; start with prescriptions.
    Chele Farley: Keep more tax dollars local, to fight opioid crisis.
    Scott Noren: National school voucher system for community college.
    Chele Farley: Keep donor tax money; use it on education and infrastructure.
Energy & Oil
    Scott Noren: No more nuclear power plants; invest in green energy jobs.
    Scott Noren: Ban fracking; scrap nonsense regulations.
    Dave Webber: We need 100% world consensus or EPA is a wasteful burden.
Families & Children
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Modernize obstetrics to cut increases in childbirth deaths.
Foreign Policy
    Chele Farley: Pro-Israel; challenge mistakes like Iran nuclear deal.
Free Trade
    Scott Noren: Free trade agreements kill jobs & move them overseas.
Government Reform
    Chele Farley: Term limits is a good start in reforming government.
Health Care
    Chele Farley: Medicare public option amounts to socialized medicine.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Expand Medicare and add not-for-profit public option.
    Dave Webber: ObamaCare drastically increased insurance rates.
Homeland Security
    Scott Noren: Proactive, not reactive, actions taken to aid military.
    Chele Farley: Pays respect and honors US Army, celebrating 243rd birthday.
    Dave Webber: 20 Vets commit suicide every day--we must do better by them.
    Chele Farley: Central American refugees are an invasion, not a caravan.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Central American migrant caravan is seeking asylum.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Get rid of ICE; separate anti-terrorism from border control.
    Chele Farley: Against open borders; let border agents question suspects.
    Dave Webber: Pathway to citizenship needed for law abiding immigrants.
    Chele Farley: Recoup donor taxes and use them to create quality jobs.
    Dave Webber: Increasing minimum wage will result in less jobs.
Principles & Values
    Chele Farley: Condemned with IFFY award for running "Issue-Free" campaign.
Social Security
    Dave Webber: Maximum limit for pay into social security needs increase.
Tax Reform
    Chele Farley: Criticizes Congressional GOP tax plan.
    Dave Webber: Keep tax rate higher on wealthy for now, & slowly lower it.
    Chele Farley: Use recaptured tax money to rebuild state infrastructure.
War & Peace
    Dave Webber: Need diplomatic dialogue to keep Middle East under control.
Welfare & Poverty
    Dave Webber: False unemployment rate means rise in welfare & food stamps.

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  • Charles Schumer Democratic Sr Senator New York
  • Chele Farley Republican candidate for senator from New York New York
  • Dave Webber Republican Candidate for New York U.S. Senator New York
  • Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic Jr Senator New York
  • Scott Noren Democratic candidate for senator from New York New York

The above quotations are from 2018 New York Senate race: debates and news coverage.

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