Wesley Clark on Jobs

NATO General; Democratic Candidate for President


Unions should refocus from grievances to career development

We must chart a new path for labor in America and for the Union movement itself. While workers still need help in redressing grievances against management, perhaps the old dividing lines make less sense in an age of high technology, social and geographic mobility and global competition. Is it possible that unions could become the development agencies for workers, protecting their rights, but also promoting their training, education and career development throughout a lifetime of many different skills and jobs? We know that in today’s economy, every American in the workplace must take increasing responsibility for his or her own development of skills, pursuit of opportunities, and creation of financial security for the family. Why not allow unions to play a role of some importance in these areas as well?
Source: A Time To Lead, by Wesley Clark, p.256 , Sep 4, 2007

Raise minimum wage in steps to $7.00

Q: What increases, if any, do you favor in the $5.15 an hour federal minimum wage?

A: I will raise the minimum wage in steps to $7 per hour by 2007 and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to ensure that lower-income families are rewarded for their work

Source: Associated Press policy Q&A, “Minimum Wage” , Jan 25, 2004

Stop rewarding companies that shift jobs overseas