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Bulk metadata collection for overseas terrorists

Q [to Huckabee]: You said, "not one terrorist plot has been foiled by the NSA's collection of American's phone records." But the director of the CIA said that not having these programs makes finding terrorists "much more challenging." Are you taking away tool to fight terrorists?

HUCKABEE: No. I'm not taking it away, I just want to make sure that everything we use is going to be effective. We're spending billions of dollars, let's make sure it's effective.

PATAKI: Getting to that metadata question, one of those terrorists, the day before the attacks, had sent 109 message to a known terrorist overseas. We could not read those messages, we can not read those today.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate , Dec 15, 2015

Need back door access to cell phones when lives are at risk

Companies are entitled to encrypt and protect their knowledge and their intelligence. But what we need is a back door for law enforcement to be able, when they can establish that that communication poses a risk to our safety and engages in terrorism, to get a court order and go in and access those communications.
Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate , Dec 15, 2015

FactCheck: No evidence Hillary's email server was hacked

Gov. George Pataki claimed that the private server Hillary Clinton used as secretary of state was "hacked" and that enemies obtained "state secrets." While the FBI is conducting a security review of Clinton's server, there is no evidence so far of a security breach.

Pataki said, "Clinton put an unsecure server, in her home. We have no doubt that that was hacked, and that state secrets are out there to the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese and others."

It is true that Clinton had a personal email account on a private server. It is also true that some emails contained unmarked classified information. But was Clinton's server "hacked"? And did the Iranians, Russians and Chinese obtain "state secrets"? That's all speculation.

Pataki is referring to reports of hacking attempts that may or may not have been successful. Investigations have found that some hacking attempts originated from Russia, China, South Korea and Germany--but no evidence that any were successful.

Source: Huffington Post FactCheck on GOP 2015 CNBC debate , Oct 28, 2015

We need a cyber-war on North Korea

I don't think we need a military response, but we need a coordinated response. I would put in place a policy where if we know a company is hacking into American companies, we will retaliate against that company and say that that company's not going to be allowed to continue to do trade with the United States. I would also put in place what Israel has done: one federal agency dealing with cybersecurity and charged with working across silos to make sure we have the best technology.
Source: GOP "Your Money/Your Vote" 2015 CNBC 2nd-tier debate , Oct 28, 2015

Hillary's email leaked secrets; disqualified from presidency

Hillary Clinton put a server, an unsecure server, in her home as secretary of state. We have no doubt that that was hacked, and that state secrets are out there to the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese and others. That alone should disqualify her from being president of the United States.
Source: GOP "Your Money/Your Vote" 2015 CNBC 2nd-tier debate , Oct 28, 2015

Travel between cities should be in trains faster than planes

Source: 2016 presidential campaign website: Announcement speech , May 28, 2015

Support Empire Innovation and Centers of Excellence

Today is clearly the dawn of a new economic paradigm--where brains rather than brawn, research rather than resources, will be the determining factors in the increasingly global competition for growth, investment & jobs.

Working with our vastly improved SUNY and CUNY schools, we'll create a new Empire Innovation program that will attract even more top-flight researchers and the federal grant dollars they bring with them.

And let's go even farther. Our Centers of Excellence are the envy of states from coast to coast--and have already attracted over $8.5 billion in new investment, and are propelling New York toward a future as a global leader in university-based research, high-tech business creation, and job development.

Last year the federal government and the nation's semi-conductor industry announced a collaborative initiative that will result in two new state-of-the-art research facilities to drive the computer chip breakthroughs of the future--one right here in New York's Tech Valley.

Source: State of the State address to 2006 New York Legislature , Jan 4, 2006

Make NY the center for clean, renewable energy research

We led the way as seven Northeast states put in place the first regional market-based program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in American history. Let's continue to build on that record of accomplishment by making New York State the leader in reducing dependence on imported energy.

The entire world is now grappling with the question "where will we get the energy to power the global economy of the 21st century without causing irreparable damage to our natural environment?" Let's make New York the place where that defining question is answered. Let's make New York the worldwide center for clean, renewable energy research, product development and job creation. Let's attract companies from around the world that are developing the clean, renewable energy sources of the future--let's make the entire state a tax free zone for this growing industry.

Source: State of the State address to 2006 New York Legislature , Jan 4, 2006

Terrorism III package: cyber-terrorism and agri-terrorism

I will submit a Terrorism III package that will include legislation dealing with two critically important areas--cyber-terrorism and agri-terrorism.

Finally, we will redouble our efforts to ensure that federal homeland security funds are concentrated on the areas under the greatest threat--and that means New York City, the world's greatest symbol of freedom and prosperity.

Source: State of the State address to 2005 New York Legislature , Jan 5, 2005

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