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2014 Idaho Senate debates

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    from 2014 ID Senate debate (number of quotes indicated):
  • Gary Peters (2) Democratic Challenger Michigan
  • Jim Risch (8) Idaho Former Republican Governor (2006-2007); U.S. Senator
  • Nels Mitchell (22) Democratic Senate Challenger Idaho
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    Idaho Senate debates:
  • Spokesman-Review, "Risch, Mitchell clash in sole debate of Senate race", by Betsy Z. Russell, 10/8/2014
  • AARP Voter Guide (on Nels Mitchell and Jim Risch), Aug. 31, 2014
  • Idaho Statesman Voter Guide, Q&A with Nels Mitchell, 6/25/2014
  • Kuna Melba News, "Nels Mitchell Says Risch Is Running Away from his Record", February 13th, 2014
  • Idaho Statesman, "Idaho Sen. Jim Risch: High energy, low visibility", by Michael Catalini, Feb. 10, 2014
  • Magic Valley Times-News: "Mitchell, Risch Trade Jabs", by Jon Alexander, January 15, 2014
  • AdWatch on Press release from Jim Risch, Nov. 15 2013
  • ABC News Politics, "GOP Ready to Fund Homeland Security Amid Shutdown", 10/2/2013
  • Press release, "Statement on President Obama's Proposals to Prevent Gun Violence", via peters.house.gov, Jan. 16, 2013

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Nels Mitchell: Support woman's right to make her own health decisions.
Budget & Economy
    Nels Mitchell: No silly votes to shut down government; no budget blackmail.
    Jim Risch: Jobs are created by private sector and not by government.
    Jim Risch: No tax incentive for repatriation of overseas jobs.
    Nels Mitchell: Subsidies to established corporations waste taxpayer money.
    Gary Peters: Implement voter legalization of medical marijuana.
Energy & Oil
    Nels Mitchell: Oil & gas industries get huge subsidies despite high profits.
    Nels Mitchell: Committed to protecting our unique outdoor heritage.
Families & Children
    Nels Mitchell: Strong supporter of the Violence Against Women Act.
Foreign Policy
    Jim Risch: Call on Iran to release those imprisoned for Christianity.
Free Trade
    Nels Mitchell: End tax breaks for shipping American jobs overseas.
Government Reform
    Jim Risch: Gridlock results from two very different party philosophies.
    Nels Mitchell: OpEd: Pledging just one six-year term means he's "lame duck".
    Nels Mitchell: No junkets; no gridlock; promises one term only.
Gun Control
    Nels Mitchell: High priority on right to hunt & fish on public lands.
    Gary Peters: Common sense safety measures, including background checks.
Health Care
    Jim Risch: ObamaCare is a regulatory quagmire.
    Nels Mitchell: Most of ObamaCare is good; fix the parts that aren't.
Homeland Security
    Nels Mitchell: Staunch defender of Mountain Home Air Force Base.
    Jim Risch: Do everything to maintain a fully-equipped military.
    Nels Mitchell: Maintain Mountain Home Air Force Base.
    Jim Risch: We all agree that the military and NSA should be funded.
    Nels Mitchell: Idaho's farmers need immigration reform.
Principles & Values
    Nels Mitchell: Idaho needs Senator who gets to work, not "Senator No".
    Nels Mitchell: Most conservative voting record in Senate in 2013.
    Nels Mitchell: Served in state Senate and as Lt. Governor, then governor.
    Nels Mitchell: Never been within 150 miles of Harry Reid; not hand-picked.
    Nels Mitchell: Middle-of-the-road Democrat; I'll team up with Republicans.
Social Security
    Nels Mitchell: Fight efforts to cut or privatize entitlements.
    Nels Mitchell: The greatest generation earned their retirement security.
Tax Reform
    Jim Risch: No tax increases, but no cuts to entitlements nor veterans.
War & Peace
    Nels Mitchell: Don't concentrate on Syria at the expense of home.

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  • Gary Peters Democratic Challenger Michigan
  • Jim Risch Idaho Former Republican Governor (2006-2007); U.S. Senator
  • Nels Mitchell Democratic Senate Challenger Idaho

The above quotations are from 2014 Idaho Senate debates.

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