David Walker on Immigration


Path to legal status but not to citizenship

Q: When you think about illegal immigration, which of the following solutions come closest to your opinion? A: Choice B, with an understanding that there's a difference between citizenship and legal status.

Q: Like what differences?

A: Immigrants can have legal residency but not citizenship--like voting as a right of citizens and not legal residents. We need comprehensive immigration reform which includes, among other things, more temporary workers and much stronger enforcement.

Source: AmericansElect phone questionnaire by OnTheIssues.org , Mar 30, 2012

Enforce employment laws on employers, not against immigrants

Q: Should illegal immigrants earn citizenship?

A: Yes, under limited conditions like military service. In the vast majority of cases there'd be a pathway to legal status instead of citizenship.

Q: What about enforcement?

Q: My view is that we need reform but also enforcement, and then to let economics take over. We're not enforcing the laws.

Q: Enforce against whom? Should immigration laws be enforced by focusing on illegal immigrants themselves, or on their employers?

A: Enforcement means against employers. But we should have more work permits--legal--and provide pathways to legal status as well. Citizenship might result from serving in the military, for example, a much higher bar than for legal status.

Source: Phone interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Mar 30, 2012

Enforce against employers hiring illegals

Q: You said, "We're not enforcing the laws" -- which laws are you referring to? A: I believe that government should enforce all applicable laws, especially the laws against employers hiring illegals.
Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Apr 1, 2012

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