David Walker on Civil Rights


Equal benefits for civil unions, but no same-sex marriage

Q: What is your opinion on the statement, "Same-sex domestic partnership benefits"?

A: Yes, for civil unions. I oppose "same sex marriage".

Source: Phone interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Mar 31, 2012

Equal benefits for civil unions; but no same-sex marriage

When you think about the rights of same-sex couples, which of the following is closest to your personal opinion? A: Choice B, with the same legal rights as married couples. Not to treat same sex union as a marriage but to recognize them as civil unions, but with all the rights and benefits that you would otherwise have
Source: AmericansElect phone questionnaire by OnTheIssues.org , Mar 30, 2012

I believe in affirmative action but not quotas

Q: What is your opinion about requiring companies to hire more women & minorities?

A: Oppose. I believe in affirmative action but not quotas. I believe that people have to demonstrate that they're taking affirmative steps to prevent discrimination within the population that's available to fill the jobs that they have. If the evidence is they're not doing that--and the presumption should be that they are doing that--then only in those circumstances should the government intervene.

Q: What do you mean by "the population that's available to fill the job"?

A: The key is the qualified population. I used to run a worldwide practice. There are sometimes very few people from protected groups, rightly or wrongly, who are qualified for a particular job. You need to increase the supply to increase diversity.

Source: Phone interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Mar 30, 2012

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