David Cobb on War & Peace

Green Party nominee for President

Mission Accomplished has turned into Mission Impossible

Mission Accomplished has turned into Mission Impossible. The United States must immediately announce that it will withdraw its troops from Iraq and begin doing so. There can be no sovereignty for the Iraqi people as long as the occupation continues.
Source: Campaign weblog on VoteCobb.org May 13, 2004

All US troops out of Iraq, unless UN and Iraq say so

It is time for our tax money to stop being squandered in support of a brutal occupation in Iraq. Last week over 800 Iraqis and 70 Americans were killed, the latest casualties in a war that never should have happened. It is time for the United States government to acknowledge these facts and end the occupation. I call upon the American people, including members of Congress, to demand that June 30th truly be a day when the US relinquishes power by announcing that by that date all US troops will be withdrawn, with one possible exception. A newly-constituted, genuinely broad-based interim Iraqi government should be set up in cooperation with the United Nations within the next month and a half. It will be up to that newly-constituted interim government-not the US and not the UN- to determine what peace-keeping forces are necessary, from which countries they should be drawn, and if any US troops should stay.
Source: News Release, "Cobb calls for end of occupation" Apr 15, 2004

US in Iraq is arrogant, bullying, & unnecessarily violent

The experiences of the past 13 months, since the US/British invasion of Iraq, make clear that the Bush Administration is totally incapable of leading a transition to a just and democratic society in Iraq. Indeed, it is Iraqis who are responsible for the political, diplomatic and humanitarian initiatives in Falluja, Baghdad and southern Iraq which have temporarily defused a major crisis brought on by US arrogance, bullying and massive and unnecessary violence. The time is now to end the occupation.
Source: News Release, "Cobb calls for end of occupation" Apr 15, 2004

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